UK is a closed source 'stronghold'

God, I feel old again

Some of us were worried that this might happen when Standard Telephones and Cable took over ICL and started to wind down the R&D. Maybe, however, that missed the point.

While the O/S is important, it isn't the be-all and end-all - you can innovate regardless of platform. Despite the blatant superioity of VME for industrial-scale processing [/bias], the O/S war took place without us and moved onto a diferent battlefield (the desktop) before shifting back to the back-office then off onto the handhelds. This does not preclude innovation; there is still a base level of innovation going on in Britain, but we haven't had a major success outside the games industry for so long that it sometimes looks as though it's dead and buried. Whatever the missing spark is, it isn't anything anything to do with the platform, it's the right people having the right idea and finding the right backing, however they choose to implement it.


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