Steve Jobs must face the music in court


"Finally the antritrust dogs are sniffing at Apple`s door. They will not go away. Expect multiple antitrust cases spanning years.... maybe a decade. And LOTS of fines"

What for? Plugging a hole in their DRM that Real shouldn't have been using in the first place?

Maybe you think burglars should be allowed to bring action against home owners who lock up their houses.

Apple might well be monopolistic, but they're a long way short of being a monopoly anywhere other than the music player and still-very-young tablet markets with 5% of the PC market, 28% of the digital music market and 4% of the phone market.

Even in the music player market itself, where they have 73% of the share, their devices are not tethered to Apple for their primary purpose. They play several DRM-free formats and can be loaded from quite a few pieces of third party software so you don't even have to load iTunes on your computer never mind actually have to use it if you don't want to.

If you have a look around the comments for other Apple stories there are another couple of rabid anti-Apple guys who might like to form a club with you.


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