Canonical's Dell and Lenovo love lets Ubuntu down

First order of business :

Get support from the consumer electronics sector.

An OS is an enabler. It enables you to use the tools (ie) software) you require.

If I buy a gps, a music player, NAS sotrage, or whatever, windoze software is included with the product.

Then I have to scour the internet to find a bunch of half baked home brewed apps that allow me use said hardware. This stuff - more often than not - refuses to work properly, sometimes resultg in major unpleasantness with the OS, that now refuses to open the email app, or worse.

They need to get rid of this faffing about. If I buy a GPS from a leading manufacturer, it should include an installer for the maps and routing software I can install and get to work.

I am not in the business of getting consumer electronics to work with my OS. I am in the business of using said electronics to get on with my life.

So fix it, or do I have to come over and do it for you ?


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