Apple handcuffs 'open' web apps on iPhone home screen

Re : This will be news

"..when Apple refuse to release a fix."

I agree in the main with this, although there is some indication that they are already not considering a fix as yet (allegedly) - from the article

"if Apple didn't specifically introduce these problems in iOS, it's aware of them now. And he says that the Mobile Safari team has indicated the issues will not be fixed."

As a developer, i'd have thought it was marginally more work (more code paths) to get two different rendering engines being used depending on their source - and it's certainly in keeping with their apparent bias towards self, rather than consumer, interest to do this deliberately - but it *might* just be a screw-up. Personally, and as an Apple user, i'd bet against it alas.

If it was deliberate then presumably they either

(a) thought that nobody would notice, which smacks of gross stupidity, or

(b) thought that people would notice but think of themselves in a position that they don't have to give a shit; not that they'd do that of course.....


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