back to article UK housing association Places for People hands £21m to Salesforce to look after CRM and job scheduling

UK housing association People for Places, which runs a property portfolio worth around £3bn, has awarded Salesforce a software licensing contract for CRM and job scheduling worth £21m. The group, which runs 20 companies, said in the tender documents it is "undertaking a business transformation project… which was commissioned …

  1. Commswonk Silver badge

    My Eyes, My Eyes...

    ...designed to simplify the "operating landscape to be supported by an enabling integrated property management solution."

    When oh when is someone going to develop an add - on that strips "management documentation" of such self - evident bollocks?

    A burst of hysterical laughter from the perpetrator's loudspeakers (fitting thereof to be mandatory) for the first offence followed by the same laughter from every other employee's speakers (with a pop - up to identify the guilty) if any offending text is not removed by the next "save".

    Somehow the idea of the above makes me feel better...

  2. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    The project, imaginatively titled "Synergy"

    Eventually you get to treat this sort of thing as a warning sign.

    1. Commswonk Silver badge

      Eventually you get to treat this sort of thing as a warning sign.

      I suddenly remembered this Dilbert:

  3. tip pc Silver badge

    Housing Association announce £25m IT contracts

    £25m sounds like a lot of money for a Housing Association to be paying. How much profit are they making? i thought they where all non profit and did things on a shoe string?

    1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

      Re: Housing Association announce £25m IT contracts

      If they're spending too much on IT they couldn't make a profit anyway but the essence of a non-profit is that it makes a surplus instead.

    2. Why Not?

      Re: Housing Association announce £25m IT contracts

      Try here

      £227M operating profit. on £827M turnover.

      So re-investing 10% of their profit or 3% of their turnover on IT to probably save significant costs would hardly be considered a lot in the Private sector, I am assuming this is a multi year deal.

      They seem to know what they are doing as they have reserves of £0.5 Billion and £3Billion in total value.

      A lot of the not for profits are becoming like real businesses because that way they have more money to help people, its no longer run on a shoestring and make nothing.

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