back to article Huawei looking to take on Apple in the 'hearables' space... with an almost identical AirPod clone that costs under £100

Huawei's wireless earbud lineup just got a new addition in the form of the Freebuds 3i, which packs active noise cancellation and a sub-£100 price tag. Aesthetically, it's obvious that Huawei has cribbed a few notes from Apple's design book, with the Freebuds 3i replicating the long stems of the AirPods, as well as the same …

  1. Thoguht Silver badge

    Poor battery life?

    The reason is obviously because, while you are innocently listening to music, these nefarious objects are silently uploading the contents of your brain via satellite to a vast server farm in China.

    1. robidy Silver badge

      Re: Poor battery life?

      Laughed my head off...that's got to be in the running for comment of the year.

  2. Mark192


    £90 for 3.5 hours? Rubbish, especially as they'll soon be lasting a lot less than that.

    Battery life is badly affected by being drained below around 20% or charged to 100%.

    The tiny batteries in these devices mean these will frequently experience these conditions.

    I've got some 60mAh batteries on the way to fit into my cheapie earbuds. I don't mind popping those open and messing with the internals but I'd be wary of doing this with more expensive models.

    I'm hoping manufacturers will soon be designing these with user replaceable batteries so that they don't remain the (effectively) short lived devices they are now.

    In the meantime, hurrah for the headphone jack.

    1. robidy Silver badge

      Re: Pfff

      Wow, don't like in ear stuff so never got any...why am I not surprised they are disposable and so expensive.

  3. big_D Silver badge


    Why do these manufacturers keep going for the shiny toothed "Oral B" look for their ear buds?

    The Surface Buds are ugly enough, but at least it doesn't look like you are running round with a pair of toothbrush heads in your ears!

    I find the Bose, Jabra, Samsung etc. buds a lot more stylish.

  4. one crazy media

    As long as your good with Chinese quality, you are good go.

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