back to article First crew launch in US since 2011 could happen by May, 34 more OneWeb sats, and astros share their top isolation tips

In a week that marked the 55th anniversary of the first space walk and the first corned beef sandwich in orbit, rocket fans had plenty to keep them occupied. First of all, SpaceX and NASA named the date for Commercial Crew – kind of. "Mid to late May" could be when the US will finally see its astronauts launched from American …

  1. smudge Silver badge

    First crew launch in US since 2011

    Please form an orderly queue for this opportunity to get away from Earth.

    And if you were currently in the ISS, would you be coming back down any time soon?

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

    2. Chris 69

      Re: First crew launch in US since 2011

      If you were already up there, would you open the door?

  2. F111F

    Dragon Capsule to be Named Strange Brew?

    With Bob and Doug at the helm, one can only hope they'll not only name the capsule appropriately, but launch with: "Takeoff, eh!"

  3. Dvon of Edzore

    "shoehorned into the Crew Dragon"? Hardly. More like rattle around in a space can meant for seven but de-rated to four plus extra luggage. Messrs. B & H can even keep social distance in this 4 metre deluxe railway compartment with en suite WC.

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