back to article Linus Torvalds ponders: Is Linux 5.6 going well because it's bug-free, or thanks to that other bug?

Linus Torvalds has released a new release candidate of the Linux kernel – version 5.6 rc7 – and added a little COVID-19 commentary. "The world around us may be going through strange times, but at least so far kernel development looks normal," he wrote on Sunday, US time. "Nothing really stands out, it's all pretty small. I'm …

  1. Tom 7 Silver badge

    Where did that 'logo' come from

    Not sure I like the idea of Linux being compared to a spread made with ground up baby orang-utans!

    1. A.P. Veening Silver badge

      Re: Where did that 'logo' come from

      I have more problems with Linus being so calm and reasonable, that is an extremely worrying symptom.

      1. Bronek Kozicki Silver badge

        Re: Where did that 'logo' come from

        People do mellow with age

        1. Arthur the cat Silver badge

          Re: Where did that 'logo' come from

          Others of us just got tired of fuming about idiocy and decided to reduce our risk of a heart attack.

      2. HildyJ Silver badge

        Re: Where did that 'logo' come from

        Hopefully he's just being calm and reasonable for now. I'd hate to think it's permanent. What would be the fun in that?

      3. baud Bronze badge

        Re: Where did that 'logo' come from

        Well, calm and reason is in short supplies those days, so at least he's doing his part

    2. Majack

      Re: Where did that 'logo' come from

      Sorry, not quite sure which one you prefer!?

  2. STOP_FORTH Silver badge


    Emperor Penguin surely?

    (Funniest Wiki-vandalism I ever saw was on the penguin page. Someone had modified the binomial name so it read "Emperor Penguin (Penguiness Biggus)".)

  3. bombastic bob Silver badge

    shift Linux 5.6 out the door.

    I nearly mis-read that. Had to look again. It's 4:47 AM here...

  4. druck Silver badge

    Thank F*ck...

    ...Something is continuing as normal, and the government hasn't limited git commits to no more than two files.

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