back to article HMD Global revamps infamous commuter-botherer, the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic

The Nokia 5310 XpressMusic was the bane of any mid-2000s commuter, used primarily by tracksuit-wearing hooligans to blast out head-thumping Ministry of Sound tunes to other weary bus-goers. With such fond memories (ahem), it's therefore no surprise that Nokia-licensor HMD Global has rebooted it – as a new S30+ featurephone. …

  1. Martin an gof Silver badge

    It's somewhat more than the third 'rebooted' phone

    This phone and the previous 3310 are S30-based reboots with very limited memory and storage, but the 8810 is one of a trio of KaiOS phones, all 4G capable with WiFi, half a meg of RAM and a bit more storage. As well as the 8810 slider there's the 2720 flip and 800 rugged. They are a bit more money though.

    Oh, and the current 3310 is 3G I think (the first reboot wasn't), not '2.5'G.


  2. Shadow Systems Silver badge

    A Feature phone with a headphone jack & SD card slot?

    *Flings my wallet at them* Shut up & take my money! GimmiegimmiegimmiegimmieGIMMIE! =-D

    Edit: I accidentally typed "monkey" not money. I decided to change it as I didn't want them to send me a feces flinging Howler monkey -- I've already got one & wish to trade Trump in on a different one.


    1. Michael Strorm

      Re: A Feature phone with a headphone jack & SD card slot?

      > I didn't want them to send me a feces flinging Howler monkey

      It'd be a refreshing change from the bobcats.

  3. Simon Rockman

    Odd choice

    The obvious Nokia re-boot is the 6310

    1. SW10

      Re: Odd choice

      Yeah, nudge me when the one-week-of-autonomy, drop-proof signal-terrier that was a 6310i re-emerges

      1. Not an Anonymous Coward

        Re: Odd choice

        6310i's were fantastic, but the removable battery was a necessity. They only had a phenomenal battery life if you didn't use them. It was entirely a different time, when we still talked on the phone *a lot*. With a 3 or 4 hour talk time, you needed a couple of batteries in your briefcase to get through the day.

  4. Blackjack

    Eh... What's the point?

    The specks are so low is ridiculous. Couldn't they have made a similar phone but with better hardware? I mean, there is no sense is making a phone than even the Nokia N8, that's about ten years old, can beat in just about anything.

    sure, is both a MP3 player and a phone, but again the N8 beats this thing in about anything you can think on, save perhaps that the N8 is more fragile

    I still use my N8 as MP3 player by the way. Is a sad thing the battery is mostly dead.

    1. doublelayer Silver badge

      Re: Eh... What's the point?

      This phone is supposed to have few features, that's the whole point. What benefits would you hope for from increasing the specs? If the answer is more features, they aren't interested in writing more.

      1. Blackjack

        Re: Eh... What's the point?

        There is no way to play some audio formats with so little memory.

        1. doublelayer Silver badge

          Re: Eh... What's the point?

          That is true, but I doubt they intended a full-featured player with support for every codec out there. It has a low memory limit anyway, so I'm guessing they intend people to primarily use MP3. The entire concept seems very driven by nostalgia and intent on providing a cheap backup device rather than intending on providing a world-class media player or phone. That said, they're using flash storage for the media so they could handle the memory limits of certain codecs by using a swapfile on the SD card. That file wouldn't have to be very large, and the card is likely fast enough to handle some decompression caching. The limiting factor would end up being the processor, at least for more complex formats like lossless ones, and on that they'd not want to spend extra money.

          1. Blackjack

            Re: Eh... What's the point?

            The problem is that you can get Nokia 1 for like 80 euros or less if it's used. And that device not only can act as MP3 player but also do everything else a Smartphone can, if a bit slowly.

            So you have a device no kid or teen will want and that people will just buy as a curiosity since is a very crappy music player.

            1. doublelayer Silver badge

              Re: Eh... What's the point?

              It's certainly not for me, but I imagine people might want it for a few reasons. First, it's so cheap it is almost disposable. Second, the battery lasts quite a while. This is less because the phone is so low-power and more because people won't use it very much because it has few features, but it still gets you weeks of battery life. Third, maybe the speakers are actually nice. I don't know, but they talk about them so they probably put some thought into them. I wouldn't be surprised they mainly plan on selling these to developing markets without smartphone requirements though.

    2. JDPower

      Re: Eh... What's the point?

      I was still using an N8 as my main phone till about a year ago! Possibly my all time favourite phone (and the only phone I ever owned that never broke, so strange to me that you call it fragile)

  5. PeterK13

    But they aren't rebooting Nokia Music

    One of the great attractions back in the day was Nokia Music - free access to a whole range of tracks. Now of course totally superfluous.

  6. billdehaan
    Thumb Up

    Shut up and take my money

    If you're tempted, the handset will be available in March. Bus tickets and c are sold separately.

    Could someone explain to a poor Canadian what the "c" in "and c" refers to? Probably a party drug reference, I'd guess, but I don't know the lingo.

    Oddly enough, I still have my Nokia 5130, the thicker, cheaper version of the 5310. It was my daily driver from 2009-2010, and it's been a solid backup performer/emergency car phone since. The battery just died in January via overcharge, and I got a replacement Feb 2nd. Instructions said to charge it up and let it run down full three times. I've done so, having charged it on Feb 2nd, Feb 17th, March 2nd, and now... today.

    Yes, two weeks plus a day or three on a charge. Ah, the good old days.

    The only real complaint was that the PC/Phone software is, by modern standards pretty horrific. And as I recall, it could only take 1GB or 2GB microSD cards; 4GB or larger aren't recognized. So a 32GB capacity would be welcomed.

    As I recall, it happily supported Bluetooth, but no wifi. There wasn't much in the S40 that needed the net back then, to be honest. This was not a phone to email or browse on. And there was no GPS for similar reasons.

    The camera was tolerable for car accident photos, but little else (there was a green tinge on everything), but it ran for weeks on a charge, got reception when no other mobile would, matched MP3 players that cost more than the phone did, and being Nokia, a friend's daughter put hers in the wash cycle and was annoyed that the 5 key was "a bit fiddly" after the wash, but that was about it.

    I can definitely see a market for this.

    1. GlenP Silver badge

      Re: Shut up and take my money

      Could someone explain to a poor Canadian what the "c" in "and c" refers to? Probably a party drug reference, I'd guess, but I don't know the lingo.

      and c is a slightly archaic version of etc.

      I can actually see a use for these as a festival/exercising/whatever burner phone where you want music and to take calls but aren't bothered about anything much else.

      1. Jimmy2Cows Silver badge

        Re: what the "c" in "and c" refers to?

        Hmm my first thought was Columbian marching powder / Charlie. Wonder what Freud would have to say about that.

  7. Captain Scarlet Silver badge

    Only one thing

    Whats the point of a VGA resolution camera in this day and age, the rest I have no issue with and would make a good backup phone (Or primary phone for my nan who is only just getting to grip with her feature phone).

    1. JCB

      Re: Only one thing

      The photo resolution on the original is 1600x1200 pixel.

      My 5310 still lives in my shopping bag as an emergency phone

  8. Waseem Alkurdi Silver badge

    The only reason these are called 'reboots' are to get them to sell.

    Otherwise they are a disgrace to the original phones.

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