back to article Microsoft Teams gets off to a wobbly start as the world and its cat starts working from home

As those able to do so begin a seemingly indefinite period of working from home, Microsoft's Slack for Suits platform, Teams, began tottering. Problems appeared to kick off as Europeans signed into the service this morning, seeking a bit of collaborative chat as the reality of remote working set in. Alas, it was not to be. …

  1. Alister Silver badge

    First day of working from home for our office, and Teams decides to ignore us...

    Thankfully not every message, just random ones in the middle of a conversation, which made things interesting.

    1. Franco Silver badge

      I'd be quite happy with that, would give me a break from idiot users who refuse to read instructions and demand that IT do everything for them.

      1. Alister Silver badge

        Lol yep, you are me...

        And now it's borked completely, not been able to send at all since about 14:00 GMT

  2. I am the liquor

    Is Teams a new product, or just another re-brand of Skype For Business / Lync / Office Communication Server?

    1. Gordon 10 Silver badge

      New product afaik and pretty decent imo. Certainly for those of us who are forced to use the abomination that is Webex Teams, which is some kind of pan-dimensional horror from beyond space time.

      (Edit - there is a post below that suggests MS Teams is based on Skype consumer version - no idea if that is correct)

      (Icon:Nuke Webex Teams from Orbit - its the only way to be sure)

      1. Dan 55 Silver badge

        Teams is a kind of Electron-driven strings-and-yoghurt pots thing holding Active Directory, Sharepoint, and God knows what else together.

        Then every so often Electron decides to run garbage collection and as there's a whole lot of garbage to collect the whole computer grinds to a halt.

        Downloading it now to put on another computer and I'd say if it went any slower the browser would time out.

      2. Outski

        Webex Teams is ok for us, at least the 10% of the company that are on it. The rest of the firm happily runs along with on-prem Sametime :o)

      3. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Yes, I find Teams to be an excellent tool. Not because it's good, but because it's ping notifications are useless compared to Skype for Business, so I have a watertight excuse when ignoring the more idiotic of my colleagues when they ping me...

    2. Chrisni

      Teams is new, but uses recycled code in some components. Large parts of the Teams Phone system component are recycled from Skype for Business, so it inherits some of the issues.

  3. Flak

    First I heard of it

    Two long MS Teams VC sessions and chat working fine - just saw this message and was surprised.

    Must only be for some.

    (based in the UK)

    1. richardcox13

      Re: First I heard of it

      Definitely a case of YMMV.

      I could do everything except change notification settings...

  4. thondwe

    Teams Audio/Video piece is based on the old consumer Skype setup that MS bought up.. Skype for Business is rebranded Lync they built themselves and then deprecated.

    Teams likely struggling as loads of Schools/Unis etc currently automagically spinning up a team for each course which means creating all the associated gumpf - SharePoint/Groups/OneNotes...

    Guessing lots of network/ISP infrastructure going to see a lot of load and with a different pattern - Remote Working stuff rather than NetFlix streaming, gaming, etc...Could be a bit slow for a while.

    1. Gordon 10 Silver badge

      MS have also pretty much offered Teams free to anyone who wants or needs it.

  5. Adair Silver badge

    Alternatively ...

    if needed may scratch some people's itch.

  6. wolfetone

    Had this issue this morning as I was helping troubleshoot issues our team were having working from home ironically.

  7. This post has been deleted by a moderator

    1. Craig 2

      Re: WFH...

      Ahhh, that explains all the loo roll panic buying....

  8. Scott 53

    "binging on Homes under the hammer "

    Other search engines are available, and will possibly cope better with the additional load.

    1. wolfetone

      Re: "binging on Homes under the hammer "

      Well it is a bit unusual, but I liiiiiiiiike it.

  9. Hans 1 Silver badge


    People start using it and discover it is unreliable.

  10. Lazlo Woodbine Bronze badge

    It had a serious wobble last week as every school in the world tried to use the assignments feature to set homework last Thursday

  11. Korev Silver badge

    After all, the latest tweet from the Microsoft Teams social media orifice exhorts users to make the jump from Skype for Business to the platform. The words "frying pan" and "fire" spring effortlessly to mind rather than the "seamless transition" hoped for.

    I had the (dis)pleasure of attending two Skype for Business meetings today which both had significant problems too. I wasn't sure if it was SfB's normal flakiness or overload.

  12. low_resolution_foxxes

    Skype worked fine for me.

    Skype for Business was an abortion of a product, that really has only worked well (for me) with internal employees, to be fair it was OK for this task.

    Skype 4 Business was not compatible with "normal" Skype users, unless the old Skype users upgraded to a Microsoft account.

    I work in technical support, try explaining to global customers that *we* don't have a problem, but they'll need to upgrade their free personal Skype account into a Microsoft account, and you'll generally be met with hostility (I eventually kept a backup personal copy of Skype, cause you don't want to upset them and cause a 1-hour registration, before the tech support begins!).

    I haven't used Teams much, but the concept seems OK, even though I find it a pain to login to the application to check messages.

  13. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    "In the meantime, may we suggest a return to email, telephone or binging on Homes under the hammer"

    Or just get on with stuff without being interrupted. This may sort out those whose work is getting things done from those whose work is stopping people getting things done.

  14. ColonelClaw

    IE Flashbacks

    Teams - is that the thing I didn't ask for that's mysteriously appeared on every PC on my network? And after you uninstall it, it comes back the next day?

    To be serious for a moment, it took me a while to figure out how to permanently get rid of it. Not cool, Microsoft.

  15. trevorde

    Usual start to any telecon

    Had to use MS Teams the other day and we spent the first 5 mins shouting: "HELLO! CAN YOU HEAR ME?" to each other, generally followed up by: "I THINK YOU'RE ON MUTE!"

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    We're stuck on SfB, but a number of people I've spoken to have started using Zoom for lectures, seminars, tech training & support, etc. ( that last one sounds a nightmare to me ).

  17. GreenJimll

    May be a learning experience...

    ...that we might all be better off using inter-operable open standards rather than proprietary walled gardens that don't talk to one another.

    A nice bit of XMPP or IRC anyone?

  18. KroSha

    Teams fell over for us this morning, then again at lunch when the USA East coast came online, then again just now when the West Coast woke up. Oh well.

  19. grizewald
    Thumb Up

    I don't praise Microsoft very often, but

    the fact that Teams runs on Linux, with all features, is just great! Trying to use Skype for Business in a Win10 virtual machine is a dead loss as audio just echoes and echoes. Teams works very well, for both audio and desktop sharing.

    I didn't notice any problem with voice meetings today but just as I was finishing my day, chat seemed to die, but I didn't care as my day was over.

  20. slipcase

    Was feeling a little smug this morning

    Having recently replaced our VC system with Starleaf and not Teams as many of the users wanted. I felt a big smug this morning as all the senior staff joined a single VC with 46 different endpoints throughout Europe without a hitch as I watched my colleagues in other companies complain about their Teams problems.

  21. Kimo

    Can't wait until next week to see how Ohio State's systems handle switching 50,000 students to online classes.

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Fine with Teams, so far

    We’re migrating to it at the moment and, for the first time, people are using the corporate mandated option rather than ignoring it and using consumer Skype. It resolves a lot of the issues we had with S4B - cross platform and mobile being the main ones. Holding a meeting using Teams has proved painless, so far. Being an engineering office, I think most would prefer to use Slack (I certainly would, and some projects have used it successfully) but, like Consumer Skype, that is merely tolerated rather than approved. Teams is provided by the company and should, eventually, be good enough.

  23. Setter Dog

    Why the kick in the nuts...?

    MS makes Teams available free for 6 months in response to COVID-19, so what they had to put some more wellie behind it. Is that all bad or is slamming it a bit like panic buying toilet paper.....?

    1. diodesign (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

      Re: Why the kick in the nuts...?

      Microsoft is a multi-billion-dollar company: it can take the criticism. We're not here to kiss ass, no matter the vendor's good intentions: we're here to scrutinize.

      What's the point of offering something for free if it just goes down?


      1. ArrZarr Silver badge

        Re: Why the kick in the nuts...?

        "If the world burns because of that then so be it. Me and the kid will roast some marshmallows."

        - El Reg's view on the world

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Why the kick in the nuts...?

        >"What's the point of offering something for free if it just goes down?"

        End-of-the-world dating advice?

  24. zip119

    "Homes" is working great for me. But, as I recall, there's a big surprise waiting in the upstairs loo.

  25. CrazyOldCatMan Silver badge

    How very dare you..

    .. suggest that cats work? That's why they have semi-trained hairless apes to do their bidding!

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