back to article After a weekend of WTF-ing at Trump's COVID-19 testing website vow, Google-Verily's site finally comes to life... And it's not what was promised

The coronavirus website built by Google-stablemate Verily and vaunted by President Trump on Friday, is up and running – and is proving to be not nearly as useful as the Command-in-Chief suggested. Just before the weekend, Trump claimed Google had put 1,700 engineers on a website to help people in America find nearby locations …

  1. jake Silver badge

    "six counties" told to shelter in place

    It's feel-good legislation, at best. The list of exemptions covers just about everybody, doing just about anything. You can read it for yourself here. It's easier to list the things you can't do ... bars, gyms and places of worship are all closed until April 7th as being unnecessary gatherings.

    Oddly, the order was issued by six counties ... and the City of Berkeley. Last I heard, Berkeley was included in one of those counties (Alameda), making their two cents worth worth even less than the paper it was printed on. I suspect they were just trying to keep up with The City (and county) of San Francisco in their perpetual "we're run by crazier lunatics than you are" race.

    1. jake Silver badge

      Seven counties now. (was: Re: "six counties" told to shelter in place)

      Santa Cruz has just joined in the fun. Odd, because usually they go to great lengths to distance themselves from the Bay Area loons.

  2. Gene Cash Silver badge

    The coronavirus is GREAT

    I haven't had anyone try to kill me on the ride to/from work, and it's a nice lazy drive without anyone on the road driving slow in the left lane, stopping in the middle of the road for no reason, ignoring stop signs and lights, and other stupid American driving tricks.

    I've been able to get lunch and dinner without huge crowds. It's great.

  3. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

    Marketing here to help

    Give Google my private medical data? Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope

    1. vtcodger Silver badge

      Re: Marketing here to help

      Don't over-react. In all likelihood Google already has your private medical data and is handling it with their usual respect for your privacy.

  4. IT Poser

    Perhaps the clean air and lack of fresh CO2 is making me delusional but...

    I can't stop laughing at the click to enlarge button below the flowchart. Sure, the stores are out of TP. Sports are cancelled. People are hoarding milk and eggs for some reason. The bars and liquor stores are all closed so the rum is literally gone*. At least I can still count on ElReg to ensure I don't miss a single detail in that perfect description of America's bigly winning virus response.

    * Never you mind the bottle in each of my hands.

  5. Ima Ballsy

    ROFLMAO .....

    On the flow chart of what it does.

    Did the design get taken straight from head / hammer one (you know):

    A: DO you have a hammer in your hand (yes / no)

    NO: Find a hammer go to step A:

    YES: Go to step B:

    B: hit yourself in the head with hammer.

    C: Does your head hurt ?

    NO: Go to step B:

    YES Go to step D:

    D: Stop hitting your head with the hammer ....

    1. Antron Argaiv Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Re: ROFLMAO .....

      Boxes in the flowchart have rounded corners.

      Send check to Apple

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