back to article Coin of Vantage looks good to Etix Everywhere: US bit barn beast eats European rival in bid to crack the Continent

There is a disturbance in the bit barn market – Vantage Data Centers has swallowed rival Etix Everywhere as part of a $2bn expansion in Europe. Vantage, which sells rack space from its 12 existing data centres to more than 200 customers, said in a statement it had pocketed more than $800m in new equity capital from current …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Blockchain "infrastructure" ?

    What is that abomination ? Is there something blockchain has suddenly been found useful for, apart from stealing money from the clueless, that we now have an infrastructure to supply it ?

    I went and did a little search and I found this document (PDF) which contains, right in the introduction, this gem of a declaration :

    "It is as yet unclear what business needs, if any, the blockchain will truly resolve, and some question whether this technology is “looking for a solution.” "

    The document then goes on to serve a hefty coating of reassuring technical terms about hybrid and decentralization but, honestly, it just looks like the whole thing is simply companies trying to get their share of the clueless-skimming pie in a legal manner.

  2. Claverhouse Silver badge

    World Takeovers

    If the Chinese, or even Putin's Russia, attempted to take over European [ or African even ] companies and infrastructure, the usual suspects [ as with Britain's refusal to knuckle under over Huawei ] would cry foul.

    Yet the zombie infection of US expansion is no different morally or commercially.

    And if they replicate the previous successful imperialism as finished, say, the British Film industry in the early 20th century, the results for the indigenes of an American embrace are dire.

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