back to article Team China: Nation's biggest mobe makers link arms to battle Google's Play Store

A consortium of Chinese phone makers are to create alternatives to Google's dominant Play Store, reducing their reliance on America tech and building another potential source of income. The Global Developer Service Alliance (GDSA) - comprised of Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo – will seek to lure developers to deploy their …

  1. Irongut

    Unless Huawei stop requiring a photo of the developer's passport they aren't going to succeed.

    (I have no idea if the other Chinese manufacturer's have that requirement but I know Huawei do.)

    1. Benson's Cycle

      Given some of what has found its way to other stores, that may be a good thing.

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Well done, Trump

    You have given the impetus required to create an entirely new competition, congratulations. Now, the Asian block will know that they can perfectly well survive without Apple or Android.

    The cherry on the cake being that they're the ones making Apple and Android. In other words, the day they decide that they're no longer interested in making our tat, they'll just make their tat, and we'll up the creek without a paddle.

    Might be a good lesson for some.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Well done, Trump

      One without copyright restrictions.

    2. Snake Silver badge

      Re: Well done, Trump

      Apologies: did you expect an American Baby Boomer to actually think of anything beyond they own selfish interests??

  3. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    "However, with the novel coronavirus disrupting the Chinese tech sector, forcing some employees to miss work, it’s not clear if it’ll hit this deadline."

    OTOH some of those employees might be using their enforced downtime to do a bit of work on their own account.

  4. rcxb Bronze badge

    The Play Store is a nightmare. Try looking for simple apps, and you're inundated with ad-infested crud.

    Until Google allows users to filter irritating ad-supported/spyware apps from their search results, the Play Store is largely unusable, and any competitor could come along and jump into the gap. However, I'm going to bet Huawei isn't any more competent than Google in this regard, and won't figure it out, and won't be any kind of a success.

    Bypassing the Play Store means foregoing all of Google Apps as well. Many users will be irate about an Android phone that can't run the native gmail, youtube,etc apps.

    1. Steve Graham

      Users couldn't care less if their app (e.g. mail) comes from Google or Huawei, as long as it looks the same and works the same.

      I do agree that I can't envisage the Chinese companies being any better than Google at building a store that's secure, efficient and user-friendly.

  5. EnviableOne Silver badge

    More work for developers

    Now you're gonna have to submit your App through three bureaucracies to get it to market, and deal with three tomes of requirements ...

    1. DrBed

      Re: More work for developers

      Now you're gonna have to submit your App through three bureaucracies to get it to market, and deal with three tomes of requirements ...

      Probably, but as a user you'll have more choices, no?

      Competitiveness should be a positive thing imo.

      I'm just wondering does idea to force "Team China" happening came from Orange One himself, or Putin instructed so...

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