back to article Malware infection attempts appear to be shrinking... possibly because miscreants are less spammy and more focused on specific targets

Attempts to infect computers with ransomware and other malware over networks are decreasing, reckons infosec outfit Sonicwall. However, that may be because more and more attacks are tailored for individual, specific targets, rather than being spammed out, and thus not well detected by internet watchers and their honeypots. A …

  1. cb7

    Even Microsoft's own attempt at producing Ransomware protection is next to useless.

    If you turn on Protected Folder Access (PFA), expect numerous legitimate programs to stop working. And it's not possible to allow exceptions for them without rendering the protection useless.

    Why? Because, some programs call Rundll and so do various flavours of Ransomware.

    The last time I looked, PFA only allows exceptions by executable.

  2. Cuddles Silver badge

    Attempt != detection

    "A mere 9.9 billion of these malware attacks were picked up by Sonicwall in 2019, the American company claimed in its latest figures, saying that this represented a six per cent decrease on 2018's figures."

    Maybe they've just got better at avoiding detection by Sonicwall?

  3. Version 1.0 Silver badge

    Not True

    Malware attacks move around, we're seeing an uptick locally in the US and our mail server malware/virus detection system is picking up about 200% more at the moment than a month ago. It's not a problem, just a load on the server and given what I've seen in the past, I'm reasonably confident that the attacks will drop off in a week or too. And that they will be back.

    I see attacks come and go depending on local circumstances, storms come through and the incoming malware count goes up, probably because they think that the malware will get through the backup mail servers easier when the main server goes down for a while. School terms start and the malware count goes up, because the administration workload is heavy and people open emails without thinking.

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