back to article 'Cyber security incident' takes its Toll on Aussie delivery giant as box-tracking boxen yanked offline

Australian courier company Toll has shut down several of its key systems after a "security incident" last week, prompting a backlash from frustrated customers. Individual punters and businesses alike said they were unable to send, receive or track their packages since as early as Wednesday morning last week. The company's …

  1. a_yank_lurker Silver badge


    What exactly is a 'security incident'? These vague ravings do not help affected people know what to expect or what they should do. What personal details have been compromised? Any financial information compromised?

    Recently I had bogus charge on my credit card which was caught within seconds by the bank. It was a pain to get a new card but there was other damage and I know exactly what to do and the communication with the bank told me what to expect. This is the type of information consumers need to know. Even if it is unclear how the CC was compromised (another issue) I knew what was happening, what to do, and what to expect within a few minutes with no double-talk.

  2. mj.jam

    Lack of due diligence?

    Bought for $6.5B in 2015, wrote of $4.9B 2 years later. so that is 75% of the value. How can they get the valuation that wrong? It isn't as if shipping packages is some sort of amazing hyper-growth startup!

    1. Alan Sharkey

      Re: Lack of due diligence?

      And will they sue to get the money back - after all HPE are trying that tactic

    2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      Re: Lack of due diligence?

      From the Japanese ? I doubt that. On the other hand, I've not the foggiest idea what else it could be.

      In any case, the board meeting at Japan Post where that decision was taken must have been quite tense, with consequences that differed greatly from the same meeting at HP.

  3. c1ue

    Sounds like a ransomware attack to me.

  4. GSTZ

    Might be Emotet ?

    There was a number of Emotet attacks in Germany recently, some of them affecting public entities like universities, courts and city administrations. Emotet is pretty effective by spying on mailboxes and composing fake mails appearing to originate from well known contacts and relating to reasonable subjects. Even cautious users can be tricked into opening attachments or clicking links ...

  5. This post has been deleted by its author

  6. sanmigueelbeer Silver badge

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