back to article China's Winnti hackers (apparently): Forget the money, let's get political and start targeting Hong Kong students for protest info

A Chinese hacking crew which had previously been focusing on industrial and commercial attacks has now involved itself in efforts to suppress protests in Hong Kong. Researchers at security shop ESET say the Winnti Group, a hacking operation believed to be backed by the Chinese government, has begun targeting the networks and …

  1. martinusher Silver badge


    "Kids fighting for Democracy".....You realize that there were elections recently in Hong Kong where the 'pro-democracy' (anti-governemnt?) forces won handlily?

    We live in such a looking glass world these days -- apparently democracy isn't about one person, one vote and all that but rather engineering the contest to get the correct result.

    (I'm also a bit amused by pictures of those students waving the US flag. Assuming they'd qualify for a visa.....that's a pretty big 'if' at the moment even if there weren't exclusions because of the corona virus -- then they'd find that life here isn't that good at the poor end of the spectrum, especially if you're a foreigner. Assuming they could get a decent job -- something in tech, for example -- then they might find the FBI breathing down their neck, checking for Intellectual Property theft.)

  2. Anguilla

    Here's hoping that these Commie Running Dogs are destroyed by their own Wuhan Virus !!

    1. Claptrap314 Silver badge

      +1 for "Commie Running Dogs".

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