back to article TikTok on the clock, and the hacking won't stop: SMS spoofing vuln let baddies twiddle teens' social media videos

TikTok, a mobile video app popular with teens, was vulnerable to SMS spoofing attacks that could have led to the extraction of private information, according to infosec researchers. The app is used mainly by the youth of today to share and save short videos of themselves and friends, often set to a popular music track, with an …

  1. bombastic bob Silver badge

    why U.S. military bans TikTok? One reason, in this article

    Recent article HERE deserves a reference.

    (yeah article text includes at the end but I mention it anyway)

    And I _TOTALLY_ agree, though this new discovery may not have been known when the military banned it...

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    The single good thing about the Trump presidency

    The one and only good point about Trump is that, during his presidencyinsane Twitter outbursts, people have become concerned about the sanctity of their elections to the point where even Facebook has had to concede some efforts of control and moderation - something Congress can't even manage.

    Was it all worth it ? I don't know, but at least some good came out of it.

  3. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

    What was this problem again?

    I'm a bit unclear about what was hacked. Does the TikTok app receive SMS messages, or, is this about a hacker sending malicious SMS with a link to a handset malware web site, with TikTok as the apparent (and actual) SMS sender?

    And, can't hackers send evil SMSes of their own anyway? So the only difference is that they are falsely hiding behind TikTok's reputation for respectable communiation. And are not paying.

    1. Trixr

      Re: What was this problem again?

      Well, what link are you more likely to click on? An SMS coming from "RandomMalwareSource" or one from "TikTok" purporting to invite you to "look at this cool clip shared by Madison"

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