back to article Cloudflare buys browser isolation biz S2 Systems in bid to realize Sun's network computing vision at long last

Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince, like his colleagues, has come to hate his company's virtual private network, used to connect securely to corporate servers from afar. "I'd be traveling to god knows where and have to get on the Cisco VPN client to San Francisco," he explained in a phone interview with The Register in December. " …

  1. POSitality
    Thumb Up

    This is weird...

    ...we're working on a new app at the moment and we chose Server-Side Blazor for similar reasons. Synchronicity!

  2. Chris Hills


    I use XPRA ( to run linux apps, including browsers, from a web browser (e.g. behing a restrictive proxy).

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's thin clients all the way down.

  4. man_iii

    CPU is the Brian of the Computah

    ( TM ) Teh InterTubes Sa Uber Brian of da Computah!

  5. eldakka Silver badge

    Sounds a lot like equivalent functionality to running an X server locally, and firing up the browser on the remote server with it's display set to the X server on the local client?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      1. Jamie Jones Silver badge

        No, VNC is more analogous to the "remote video" example.

    2. Daniel Pfeiffer

      Which is hard on videos that render directly on the graphics card bypassing the X-protocol & remote capabilities. Same goes for vids in the browser, so at least that part needs a different solution. Either video streaming or passing the <video> tag to the browser after all. The latter maintains the risk of exploitable decoder bugs.

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