back to article BlackBerry tells UK High Court that security outfit SentinelOne is its direct rival

BlackBerry, the former phone handset company, has accused rival security business SentinelOne of systematically poaching its top talent during a court hearing in central London where the Canadian company tried to block a salesman from jumping ship. "Sentinel[One] is a direct competitor of Blackberry Cylance," declared …

  1. MiguelC Silver badge

    Old habits die hard

    Blackberry's former name was Research-in-Motion (RIM for short) or, as they used to be known to Reg readers, Lawsuits-in-Motion

    1. Dog Eatdog

      Re: Old habits die hard

      And they made a wireless point-of-sale terminal.

    2. Aoyagi Aichou

      Re: Old habits die hard

      Or currently they might be a bit Lawsuit-In-Motion-Perpetually,

  2. Dave 15 Silver badge

    Not sure anyone should care

    Bought a new Blackberry android phone because it had a keyboard

    Charger cable doesnt fit... nor does any other... they wobble around and a sneeze in the same room will stop the phone charging

    The back started falling apart in under a week so I had to buy it a case

    The software (Android) is so pathetic that:

    a) When trying to open my call log I can go and make a cup of tea... and drink it

    b) 50% of the time I answer a call (UK SIM in Germany or Sweden) I can hear the others but they cant hear me

    40% of the time I answer a call and cant hear them

    10% of the time I answer a call and I am so astonished it works I am rushed to A&E with a suspected heart attack

    Add to this that I have had more than a couple of unexpected restarts for now obvious reason (assume Android crashed)

    I use whatsapp to get around (b) but that whats app doesnt have the UI to allow me to answer a call if I happen to be using any other feature on the application

    So all in all, I now spend more time using my old Nokia S60 phone - it also has a keyboard (because it is landscape and slides from behind the screen its better) , it works, it answers calls, its battery lasts better and it isnt falling apart despite being about 5 years older than the Blackberry. Oh how I wish the BBC had not been so anti British and promoted the Apple as a god like figure, or that Nokia hadnt employed some nasty little piece of work from Microsoft who has a wonderful brain... its intact, never used and not stressed by ever even knowing how little solid info it contains.

    1. Kevin Johnston

      Re: Not sure anyone should care

      I know that different people/different devices but...

      Presuming you mean either KeyOne or Key2 then there were some issues when first launched but I don't recognise the above as any of those and I have not experienced what you list myself. I am not saying these phones are the best ever but if your needs are good call quality/decent battery life and a physical keyboard then there are very few competitors.

      I would be thinking of doing a full reset to ensure there is not something gaga within the Android side, especially with your problems in Whatsapp as if the app is active in background you should get a notification of a call with the option to answer.

      1. Captain Scarlet Silver badge

        Re: Not sure anyone should care

        Case falling apart after 1 week, why are you not demanding this is replaced as its clearly faulty?

        1. Hans 1 Silver badge

          Re: Not sure anyone should care

          some for the charger port, there MUST be something wrong.

          Good luck!

    2. keith_w Bronze badge

      Re: Not sure anyone should care

      I also have a BB android phone (KeyOne). I have no problem charging it. I do have a problem with the mute button on the screen being in the exactly correct location to mute my phone if I am not careful how I put the phone to my ear, so I now generally either use earphones or the speaker. I too have an app that doesn't show inbound phone calls however, the phone still rings so I minimize the app and start the phone app to answer the call.

  3. Captain Scarlet Silver badge
    Big Brother

    Staff who wipe machines

    I really hate this, to me this is an immediatly red flag that they wanted to hide something.

    Anyone else or do I get triggered to easily?

    1. robpomeroy

      Re: Staff who wipe machines

      There could be a legitimate reason, in the sense that they had been using the machine for personal purposes. If permitted by the company policy, there's no real issue with that.

      If I'd been doing personal banking on a company laptop, I might do a precautionary wipe, since you can never be certain where the laptop would end up, ultimately. I'd just do a free space wipe though - far less likely to raise the alarm.

      1. Robert Helpmann?? Silver badge

        Re: Staff who wipe machines

        If permitted by the company policy, there's no real issue with that.

        This goes to the heart of the question. What is the company policy in cases such as this?

  4. W.S.Gosset Silver badge

    And there you have it

    > systematically poaching its top talent ... a salesman

    If anyone has ever wondered why and how and just how the HELL great technology companies implode, this is a classic statement of a classic symptom.

    Another classic symptom is the proud declaration of moving to a Professional Services focus.

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