back to article Microsoft's Teams goes to bat for the other team with preview on Linux

Microsoft has plugged the wafer-thin niche of Linux desktop users that want a native app for the company's Slack-for-suits platform, Teams. Available in .deb and .rpm packages, the preview is the first Microsoft 365 app to hit the Linux desktop world, although it has been possible to enjoy Microsoft's take on collaboration for …

  1. Adair Silver badge

    '... it's a shame that there is currently no Snap or Flatpak installer.'

    What's wrong with Appimage?

    1. katrinab Silver badge

      Re: '... it's a shame that there is currently no Snap or Flatpak installer.'

      What's wrong with source code and a Makefile?

      1. gerdesj Silver badge

        Re: '... it's a shame that there is currently no Snap or Flatpak installer.'

        The Makefile

      2. Psmo Bronze badge

        Re: '... it's a shame that there is currently no Snap or Flatpak installer.'

        What's wrong with hitting the drive until the poles align?

    2. JohnFen Silver badge

      Re: '... it's a shame that there is currently no Snap or Flatpak installer.'

      "What's wrong with Appimage?"

      All sorts of things -- but they're pretty much the same things that are wrong with Snaps and Flatpaks.

  2. Oh Matron! Silver badge

    BBC dad....

    This never gets old...

    1. Sgt_Oddball Silver badge

      Re: BBC dad....

      This is why my study only just fits my desk and chair with cameras well away from the door.

      That said they usually just poke their little heads through them shout "Daddy" at the top of their lungs instead...

      Children, can't live with them.. Can't send them to the circus...

      1. Psmo Bronze badge

        Re: BBC dad....

        Well you could....

        But they'd probably be back with a balloon and a policeman.

  3. oiseau Silver badge

    DDs digging their own grave.

    ... the first Microsoft 365 app to hit the Linux desktop world ...

    Hell will freeze many, many times over before I let any of that 365 crap near my Linux box.

    This is not good and will bring nothing but grief and sorrow to Linux.

    It's not good for Linux desktop users, it's not good for the Linux ecosystem, it's not good for anything Linux.


    Anyone who has been in IT for the last 25 years or so knows perfectly well what the MSbrace can and will do unless you keep a safe distance.

    But everyone is just so delighted these days, some sort of collective amnesia seems to have set in among the IT community.

    "Looooook, Ma !!!

    I can now have Office 365 in my Debian !!!

    It's so cooooool ..."

    When they eventually realise what is going on, it will be too late and the infection will have set in.

    The dumb dickheads that cozy up to this shit are only digging their own grave.


    1. Alan Bourke

      Ah, Git ...

      Ah dry your eyes.

      1. phuzz Silver badge

        Re: Ah, Git ...

        Imagine how upset they'll be when they find out there's Microsoft code in the Linux kernel (5th biggest contributor), and that the majority of Azure VMs are running Linux...

        1. Teiwaz Silver badge

          Re: Ah, Git ...

          Imagine how upset they'll be when they find out there's Microsoft code in the Linux kernel (5th biggest contributor), and that the majority of Azure VMs are running Linux...

          Ahh, but most of the contribution is to help Linux run better on a Ms licence platform.

          From my point of view, it's not contributing, more clogging up with irrelevances.

    2. gcla72

      Re: DDs digging their own grave.

      You are using Debian (with MS's sysyemd)?

      1. Psmo Bronze badge

        Re: DDs digging their own grave.

        I think you dropped this icon.

      2. oiseau Silver badge

        Re: DDs digging their own grave.

        You are using Debian (with MS's sysyemd)?

        Ahh ...

        You must be referring to MS's Linux version of the Registry Virus. (systemd)

        Of course I'm not.

        I use Devuan.


    3. Matthew 3

      Re: DDs digging their own grave.

      I regularly hear Linux users saying that they wish their preferred operating system would see wider takeup outside the tech community. This will help with that, even if you personally won't use it.

  4. phuzz Silver badge

    Useful, but it's OneDrive I'm waiting for.

    Although, I'm probably the only person to ask for that.

    1. hmv Silver badge

      I use ExpanDrive which isn't free but it does support OneDrive/OneDrive for Business as well as a whole bunch of other cloudy things plus generic ssh/ftp/cifs.

    2. GloomyTrousers


      I recently discovered rclone, which has the ability to connect to onedrive, and can mount it as a filesystem. It can also stack a caching layer on top of your mount so it is tolerant of intermittent network issues e.g.on train Wi-Fi. So now I have my work onedrive mounted at ~/onedrive and can read and write files (more or less) as if they were local. Worth a look!

    3. KSM-AZ

      One drive exists and works just fine.

      My Work One Drive is happily mounted on my Ubu 18.04 desktop, The only issue I have is that it will silently fail when I change passwords, and the instructions are a bit muddy.. I think I downloaded it from github and compiled it. I prefer my NextCloud server :). I'd toss the url up but I'm on a tablet, anv the laptop is in the bag.

      The one gotcha I had was the post login url... just cut and paste the whole thing in at the cli prompt.

  5. karlkarl Silver badge

    "The proprietary nature of the thing will also trigger some open-source fans"

    Surely we are the last people to be triggered by this crud since we won't be the ones using it XD

  6. JohnFen Silver badge


    At work, about half of my job is Linux development. Unfortunately, my employer has decided to require us to use O365, and Teams, I'll spare my diatribe about how awful Teams is and how much I hate having to use it. But one thing I will absolutely not do is use it in Linux.

    I strongly prefer to keep that garbage on Windows box with the rest of the Windows garbage.

    1. Dan 55 Silver badge

      Re: Meh

      I have upvoted your comment for the sentiment but I actually hope they do port across the big four Office 365 programs + Teams, that way there would be a way of dumping Windows at work.

      We are a essentially Linux shop too and yet we're made to use Windows on our PCs. It's mad.

      1. gerdesj Silver badge

        Re: Meh

        I'm the MD of a MS "partner". I run Arch on my gear.

        LibreOffice, (Visio), Evolution (with EWS for email) and a bit of imagination gets the job done with no MS products needed. Samba and autofs for file serving and sharing and Kerberos ("domain joined"). CUPS for printing (Kerb again).

        I also have access to a huge amount of other stuff and a maximum five minute full system update time, including all apps. To be fair, if I use a few AUR packages that need compilation from source then that takes a bit longer.

        1. Dan 55 Silver badge

          Re: Meh

          If it were up to me I'd have changed over ages ago. But... it's not.

      2. NATTtrash

        Re: Meh

        ...I actually hope they do port across the big four Office 365 programs + Teams

        Hmmm, I share your desire for convenience, but I don't agree this is the way to solve it. I mean, working in a completely MS free environment we're absolutely fine. Everything works. Perfectly I might add. And no, we are not IT people, don't do anything "softwary". We do medical and deal with people. IRL problems start when we have to deal with MS using idiots. Who only just know the difference between a left and right mouse button. Shout about "industry standards" and claim intelligence. That "there is something wrong with your PowerPoint. Do remind me why you don't have Windows?" <commie reference left out>. And of course never ever have any doubt that a cause for whatever issue might be located on their side.

        So to nuance your remark: what MS should do is finally make their softwares compliant, you know, with something like ISO standards. And I don't mean the ones they bought lobbied. So that the compatibility is OK, just an after thought, and people can focus on work, content, and not how they should do it. And it is possible. That's how MS killed WordPerfect, Havard Graphics, Lotus and QuatroPro after all.

        But as we all know MS never will, because that would intervene with their only concern. Which is not user productivity, but MS dominance and revenue.

        As for development of MS "linux love": I'll be honest, I don't know. For many years (decades in my case), being on *nix felt like a modern-day plane ride: Yes, it's tight, it's draughty, it takes effort, but it's getting you from A to B. By now, you're upgraded, things get better, there's a lot more legroom, and getting from A to B runs like clock work. But then you get to your gate, and you see hordes, immense queues, just because some low cost flyer hit a snag and transferred millions of John and Mabels to your flight. And now your stuck in the middle seat between the smelly Royales, trying to get that presentation done without sticking out your elbows too much...

    2. KSM-AZ

      Re: Meh

      The only thing keeping microsoft is outlook/email/calendaring. It has issues, but unfortunately nothing else is very close. Calendaring is huge, and scheduling meetings with the assistant us unmatched. Unfortunately. . . (WTF is 'Modern Auth' grrr fu grrr) ;)

  7. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "There is no escape from collaboration"

    Unless you're name is Wunderlist.

    1. yoganmahew

      Re: "There is no escape from collaboration"

      Or you use Teams. I won't spare you lot my diatribe about this piece of shut.

      One thing at a time on a window (no pop-outs, no multiple windows).

      Doesn't like VPN (uses a different sign-in protocol and an "am i alive" that involves phoning home to the mothership (I shut you not)).

      No group chat without making a team.

      Search is awful (though not as awful as Outlook search of shutting archived folders on Onedrive).

      You can only speak US english on it and there's no way to turn off spell check so every name (unless it's Brad or LaShut, every acronym, every number with a shutting letter) shows up as misspelled.

      The chat editor works differently to the 'full' editor.

      This may be a different diatribe to the last list, this is just what the shutting shutter of a shut did to me today.

      1. Is It Me Bronze badge

        Re: "There is no escape from collaboration"

        We have only been using it a few weeks but I don't have all the issues that you seem to (I am running the Windows client).

        In chat you can add multiple people to the chat, it isn't intuitive, you have to click a strange people icon at the top right of the chat.

        I work in UK English, so type things like colour and haven't yet have it flag up anything that I have correctly typed as being misspelt.

        I do agree that one thing at a time in one window needs to be resolved, and that there are lots of other things that can be improved.

        1. yoganmahew

          Re: "There is no escape from collaboration"

          Then, no, it's just me :)

  8. Nicholas EGF Berry


    How does one "plug a niche"? I mean, one could plaster over it, but it's hardly plugging, and why on earth would one want to do it? What would be the point? Is the statue in it peeing or something?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Wot?

      Don't knock the joy of plugging a niche until you've tried it

  9. GrizzleeAdams

    So they have decide to release the part of office that nobody wants - that has been forcefully installed even when users have uninstalled it, and no longer has an option to disable the license for - prior to any other Office product. Is this a deliberate move by them to try and show "nobody wants Office on Linux."? I get asked by users on a weekly basis if I can make Teams go away forever.

  10. Peter X

    Window sharing?

    "The documents warns that window sharing isn't currently a thing in the Linux world and taking control of shared content isn't possible.".

    Forgive my ignorance, but what is window sharing?

    And also, why is taking control of shared content not possible? Also, what is it?

    1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Re: Window sharing?

      >but what is window sharing?

      Showing the powerpoint on your screen about how you are leveraging synergies to all the other little synergies out there being levered.

      Teams is fantastic compared to skype / skype for business

      1. KSM-AZ

        Re: Window sharing?

        "Teams is fantastic compared to skype / skype for business".

        Your obviously kidding. Teams is awful. Skype is fine fo IM, falls down elsewhere. I now use pidgin for skype client. IM only. Then Zoom for DT sharing and meetings. It's really good on linux, I think it's better than webex, etc. Teams disappoints on Windows, much less Linux.

    2. NATTtrash

      Re: Window sharing?

      Forgive my ignorance, but what is window sharing?

      That thing that people have been doing for ages on Zoom...

      Some have tried it on Skype. They are now are on Prozac.

    3. Psmo Bronze badge

      Re: Window sharing?

      Assuming this is a genuine question from someone who hasn't come across this style of work.

      A shared window restricts remote access to an application window rather than the whole screen, so your penis-pill notifications don't popup in the corner of your important meeting, and people don't ask you about your desktop background.

      Shared content is a read-write area on your machine where you can give control to type or paste content, draw or highlight. I've used it when chairing round-tables of experts- a picture with notations saves a thousand words, and hours doing typed up minutes.

  11. Sebastian Brosig

    Skype against Business

    Well that is great and all, can't wait until my organisation switches from the buggy mess that is skype for business, bad enough in itself but for me working on a Linux desktop half the time it's the one "killer app" that's missing. Outlook Web app is great but it's Skype component is horrible.

  12. SecretSonOfHG

    There is an open source version

    Not supported by MS, but it has working now Shifts, which the MS official version does not have.


  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh, there's an escape from collaboration alright....

    Just come and work at our place, where every freakin' cat in the heard uses a different collaboration tool!

  14. MJB7 Silver badge

    Slack is in beta?

    I've been using Slack on Ubuntu 18.04 for the last couple of years. I can't see anything about "Beta" in the "help|about".

    (I'd rather be using a proper IRC client, but people don't seem to like that for some reason.)

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "window sharing isn't currently a thing in the Linux world"

    Yet here I am, _easily_ sharing my screen using Skype, on Debian Buster and i3wm.

    Isn't Skype a MS product?

    They don't talk to each other, do they?

  16. Tim 11


    I thought teams was built using electron? surely in that case portability is automatic?

  17. Roger Kynaston

    Just installed it

    I know about the purity of FOSS and all that but they insist here. It works for messaging. I don't think it does much else yet.

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