back to article Metasploit for drones? Best of luck with that, muses veteran tinkerer

A veteran drone hacker reckons the recent release of the Dronesploit framework won't go down quite as its inventors hope. Alexandre D'Hondt and Yannick Pasquazzo gave a quick talk about Dronesploit during Black Hat Europe, held in London last week. The duo aim to produce a Metasploit-style CLI framework tailored for tinkering …

  1. macjules Silver badge

    with plans to include radio-controlled drones and eventually "more complex" craft

    "Are you sure you want to launch all the Hellfire missiles? Y/N"


    "Wouldn't you prefer a nice game of chess?"

  2. Andy 73

    "difficult to harness the drone community for free/open-source work"

    Yes it's "difficult to harness the drone community for free/open-source work" - because the drone community is sick to death of idiots giving them a bad name.

    "Will you help me crash and steal drones" is not going to get you a good response, not even if you are doing it for free/open-source.

  3. GnuTzu Silver badge

    IoT Drones

    "Wi-Fi controlled light commercial drones"?

    With Amazon drone delivery, are we now going to see virtual porch pirates?

  4. grizewald

    Conclusion fail

    "While the academic interest in drone hacking is high, the real-world consequences of drone hysteria, fuelled by a credulous media is becoming increasingly annoying as politicians draft pointless laws about a hobby which has never killed anyone. "

    There, FTFY.

    1. Zippy´s Sausage Factory

      Re: Conclusion fail

      No laws are ever pointless. It's who's on the sharp pointy end of them we need to worry about...

    2. gypsythief

      Re: Conclusion fail

      How about this poor chap:

      Ok, he didn't die, and luckily escaped with minor injuries, but it's that sort of utterly irresponsible drone flying that's causing these laws. If that cyclist had fallen into a culvert, for instance, it could have been a lot nastier, as it was for poor Bjorg Lambrecht.

      N.B. I realise the accident that killed Bjorg was not caused by a drone, but it does not take much for a road-bike ridden at speed to crash with potentially fatal consequences. The drone that hit the American cyclist could easily have caused such a crash.

      1. phuzz Silver badge

        Re: Conclusion fail

        Perhaps it would be sensible to assign resources based on risk?

        In which case we should spend several thousand times more resources on protecting cyclists from cars, than on protecting them from drones.

        1. grizewald

          Re: Conclusion fail

          Quite so, but that implies that politicians act based on evidence and logic - something I won't be holding my breath waiting for.

      2. grizewald

        Re: Conclusion fail

        Being an idiot and causing someone else harm through irresponsible use of a drone (or anything else for that matter) is already a criminal act covered by plenty of laws which can be used to visit retribution upon said idiot.

        What is utterly out of proportion is subjecting all RC flyers to draconian registration, licensing and "education" laws which far exceed those required to drive a motor vehicle.

        People killed by motor vehicles: too many to count

        People killed by RC multirotor craft: zero

        The main reason behind repeated drone hysteria stories being fed to the credulous media and the knee-jerk legislation which follows is so that Amazon and Google can lay claim to the airspace between ground level and 100 metres for their drone delivery projects.

  5. Rasslin ' in the mud
    Black Helicopters

    Over my property...

    ...Drones = Skeet*

    *One of the benefits of not living with neighbors close by.

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