back to article Mozilla expands bug bounty program and triples payouts for flaw finders for hire

Mozilla has decided to celebrate the 15th anniversary of its Firefox browser by expanding its bug bounty program to cover a range of new sites and services, and – get this – triple its maximum payout. So if you manage to fix a remote code execution bug in Firefox or some of Mozilla's lesser-known services such as its payment …

  1. petethebloke

    Invitation only

    1. JohnFen Silver badge

      It doesn't look like Mozilla's program in invite-only to me. The subhead was referring to Huawei's.

  2. petethebloke

    And where's Reynard?

    Where's the obligatory photo of a cunning vulpine? Surely you could have found one eating an insect?

  3. sbt Silver badge

    HMRC will be along shortly with their standard IR35 ruling

    Because after all, these organisations also employee people to find bugs?

    Mine's the one with the fly swatter in the pocket. -->

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