back to article Trello starts waving AI around as collab outfit hits 50 million registrations

Atlassian-owned list-maker Trello is in celebratory mood as it trumpets the 50 millionth user registration as well as the advent of more templates, automation and the dead hand of AI. It's quite a jump from the 19 million registered users a spokesperson told us the platform had at the time of its 2017 purcahse by Atlassian. …

  1. Zippy´s Sausage Factory

    I've got two Trello accounts

    One because someone at my last job got very keen on Trello, so I signed up. Don't use that one.

    Then another one because someone at my current job get keen on us all signing up using our work emails. I don't use that one either.

    Actually, I don't know anyone that uses Trello any more...

    1. iron Silver badge

      Re: I've got two Trello accounts

      Similarly, I have a work account that my boss set up. I use it whenever he moans about no one using Trello but I'm leaving in a few weeks so that account will never be used again.

      Do they delete accounts or do they have millions of "users" who no longer work at that organisation so don't have access to that email address?

      1. katrinab Silver badge

        Re: I've got two Trello accounts

        No of course not. There will be a whole marketing team dedicated to "reactivating" you.

        1. rnturn

          Re: I've got two Trello accounts

          > There will be a whole marketing team dedicated to "reactivating" you.

          Ah... just like LinkedIn. ``Want to see who's checking out your profile? Upgrade to `Premium'!''. Except that won't let you see who's looking at your profile---those people pay even *more* to remain anonymous.

      2. J. Cook Silver badge

        Re: I've got two Trello accounts

        I can confirm that yes, you *can* delete your trello account. It's a little more tricky if you are the admin of a board, but it is possible.

    2. JohnFen Silver badge

      Re: I've got two Trello accounts

      Yeah, in my workplace, we use Trello. Sorta. One team uses it a lot, everyone else just ignores it. Using it introduces additional hassles and brings no obvious benefits to us (outside of that one team, who can't really articulate any advantage). Perhaps it would be useful if we we had remote workers, but we don't.

    3. MyffyW Silver badge

      Re: I've got two Trello accounts

      Similarly embuggered and it wasn't immediately obvious how I could get my old account transferred to my new company email.

      That said, since it's not AD integrated I do like the ability to give myself the job title "Disney Princess".

      ...let it go

  2. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    It's okay

    But I don't know much how much value I see in it over any other simple task manager.

    Biggest problem is that I don't trust any Atlassian any more after they fucked us all over Mercurial. Could so easily be something like Trello or Pipelines next.

  3. pseudonymous

    Quite a lot of cynicism here...

    Personally I love Trello, have umpteen boards and use it every day; it's my main workflow management tool.

    Simple, and excellent UI. And the free tier seems quite good value for money.

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