back to article Digital Realty chucks $8.4bn at Interxion for colocation mega-merger

US data centre biz Digital Realty is proposing a takeover of Dutch colocation flogger Interxion for an eye-popping $8.4bn. The move comes 22 months after Digital Realty's $7.6bn all-stock deal to snaffle DuPont Fabros in late 2017 – one of the fattest data centre buys that year – and around 11 months since the slurp of Brazil- …

  1. Alan Sharkey

    Not convinced

    I see the growth mainly from the big cloud operators, who all have their own data centres. I think Digital Reality are trying to grow by acquisition, which to me means their market is getting saturated.

    I could be wrong

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Not convinced

      Most of the big cloud operators are growing by leasing third party data centres until they can complete the 5+ year process of building their own facilities.

      As far as I am aware, Amazon is currently only building new DC's in Sweden although they may have other planned facilities in progress but not publicly announced.

      Azure are completing new facilities in the US (for GovCloud) and Sweden as well.

      These facilities only provide a fraction of the required capacity growth - the rest is provided by the likes of Digital Reality and Equinix.

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