back to article New Teams goodies: Shared calendars? No. Private channels? No. Hold please ♩ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

It was a busy week in Redmond as Microsoft geared up for its November Ignite shindig – new Windows 10 builds were flung, Azure capacities increased and Teams got a fresh feature... hold music. Microsoft gets cracking on plugging the holes in Tunes Teams Microsoft has shovelled more feature parity goodness into its cloudy …

  1. Snowy Silver badge

    Can you

    delay the patches for when you want to patch yet?

  2. JohnFen Silver badge

    It's good to see

    It's good to see that Microsoft has its Teams priorities right.

  3. katrinab Silver badge

    So you can't configure it to have a voice message?

    Something along the lines of "Thank you for holding, your call is important to us and will be answered by the next available operator. If you are getting bored stiff listening to this message get repeated ad nauseam, why not bore yourself even more by visiting our useless website". Nobody will take you seriously if you don't have that as your hold message.

    1. jelabarre59 Silver badge

      Re: So you can't configure it to have a voice message?

      Don't forget the "please listen carefully as our menus have recently changed, allowing us to sink your call yet further into a morass of unreachability".

      And often, that "recently changed" was five or more years ago, but no one can be arsed to change the message.

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