back to article Guess what's on the receiving end of more NASA dollars for SLS?

NASA brought a smile to faces of Boeing shareholders this week with the announcement that it would be ordering 10 Space Launch System (SLS) core stages from the US aviation giant for Artemis rocket launches to the Moon. Although paying for the things could be tricky. The news came as NASA was trumpeting the arrival of the …

  1. FBee

    2024...hmm...Trumps 3rd term??!

    Pushing the deadline back from 2028 to Keep America Great for Our Fearless Leader's Perfect Legacy!!

    Of course, by 2024 Trump will either be enjoying his newly-created constitutional right to unlimited terms or, lacking that ploy, will surely be in office for at least the two extra years he has mused that he is owed due to Democrat's stalling of The Don's initiatives (2018-2019) equaling at least his inevitable (?) 2nd term + those 2 extra years = a decade-long debacle...

    1. Flocke Kroes Silver badge

      Re: 2024...hmm...Trumps 3rd term??!

      Trump became President 2017-01-20 so everyone is stuck with him (or Pence) until 2021-01-20. The next President is there until 2025-01-20 which is why it was possible to sell a 2024 Moon landing to Trump. That date is only remotely possible if everything works as anticipated first time with no complications. As this is rocket science, there is no chance of that.

      Bridenstein did give a clear answer regarding funding: extra money cannot move the planned 2028 Moon landing to 2024. As that was not strictly an answer to the questions politicians were asking, they pretended that there is an amount of money that provides a 2024 landing but NASA will not tell them what it is. Although extra money will not help, reduced or delayed funding will cause delays.

      I think this purchase of 10 SLS cores demonstrates Shelby's and Boeing's complete confidence that Starship, Super Heavy and low earth orbit refuelling will be working before SLS sends anyone to the Moon.

      1. Danny 2 Silver badge

        Re: 2024...hmm...Trumps 3rd term??!

        "Trump became President 2017-01-20 so everyone is stuck with him (or Pence) until 2021-01-20."

        Out of interest, if both Trump and Pence are impeached then who becomes President? Nancy Pelosi? Boris Johnson? Me?

        1. DavCrav Silver badge

          Re: 2024...hmm...Trumps 3rd term??!

          Speaker of the House. Then Senate Pro Tem.

        2. Giles C

          Re: 2024...hmm...Trumps 3rd term??!

          If had to be posted

          1. EBG

            or ...

            This one


        3. Beau

          Re: 2024...hmm...Trumps 3rd term??!

          "so everyone is stuck with him (or Pence) until 2021-01-20."

          Sorry, but anyone who believes the Trumps will be leaving the White House in 20-01-20 is mistaken. As the founding member of the Trump Presidential Dynasty, President D. Trump and his family has no intention of leaving the White House in the foreseeable future. Impeachment or no impeachment!

          1. phuzz Silver badge

            Re: 2024...hmm...Trumps 3rd term??!

            It's easy, just put him in a room with a custom feed from Fox News which only shows clips of how bigly Great President Trump is, and have some impressionists ring him up periodically pretending to be world leaders telling him what a stable genius he is and he'll be happy as a clam.

        4. DougS Silver badge

          Re: 2024...hmm...Trumps 3rd term??!

          Out of interest, if both Trump and Pence are impeached then who becomes President?

          They wouldn't be impeached at the same time. If the president is impeached, the VP becomes president and is then able to appoint a VP with senate confirmation. If a VP is impeached, the president is able to appoint a VP with senate confirmation.

          So there is no choice of Nancy Pelosi becoming president, and if this scenario happened Trump would obviously be the first one impeached so the president would become whoever Pence appointed and got confirmed by the senate. My hunch would be someone like Lindsey Graham who had been in the senate for years.

          I don't see any chance of Pence being impeached. Impeaching Trump would be disruptive enough, and even if Pence was found to have committed impeachable offenses I think democrats would leave him alone and let voters decide. The "let the voters decide" thing doesn't work for Trump anyone now that's been show to be actively blackmailing foreign leaders to help him in the upcoming election. Who knows what other ways he's using his powers of office in an unconstitutional manner to help his chances? With a lackey AG he could cook up a false investigation into almost anything against his eventual democratic nominee to give him a chance to repeat his "lock her up" mantra. Child porn? Terrorism? Who knows how low he would stoop to get another term and delay his day of reckoning?

          1. Michael Wojcik Silver badge

            Re: 2024...hmm...Trumps 3rd term??!

            And, of course, impeachment does not remove someone from office. Impeachment and conviction do. And conviction is in the hands of the Senate, which is far friendlier to both Trump and Pence than the House is.

            That said, I don't see anything in the Constitution which prevents the House from impeaching both the President and the Vice President in separate Articles of Impeachment at the same time, or in overlapping periods; or which prevents the Senate from convicting both of them more or less simultaneously. Certainly a hostile Congress could impeach and convict the President, then refuse to confirm a new Vice President until the VP had also been convicted. In short, as far as I can tell, it's possible that the impeachment process could be used to elevate the Speaker, or anyone else in the line of succession, to the presidency. It's just vanishingly unlikely.

            1. DougS Silver badge

              Re: 2024...hmm...Trumps 3rd term??!

              Given that you need 67 senators to convict, you would need plenty of republicans to go along with it. They simply wouldn't be willing to allow a republican president's misdeeds to elevate a democrat to the white house. If they get to the point where they put country over party and vote to convict one of their own, that doesn't mean they are willing to sell out their party and voters by putting a democrat in office.

              Even if they delayed a day or two between votes that would be enough to time to schedule a vote to confirm a replacement for one who would become president after both were convicted. And if it was someone "normal" like Graham they'd probably get pretty close to 100-0 for that replacement because everyone on both sides would just be relieved to put the chaos behind them.

      2. Mikel

        Re: 2024...hmm...Trumps 3rd term??!

        This was my impression. Lock in the long term pork contract.

    2. NerryTutkins

      Re: 2024...hmm...Trumps 3rd term??!

      Kennedy set the US a target of going to the moon by 1970, and look what happened to him.

      Fingers crossed eh?

      1. Michael Wojcik Silver badge

        Re: 2024...hmm...Trumps 3rd term??!

        Even holding moral qualms aside, I would really prefer we not make a martyr out of the Cheeto-in-Chief, thanks.

  2. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    The gravy train rolls on.

    A great victory for Boeing stockholders.

    "Excellent" as Montgomery Burns would put it.

    1. Anonymous South African Coward Silver badge

      Re: The gravy train rolls on.

      One small payment for a taxpayer, one giant oinkage for shareholders

    2. JCitizen

      Re: The gravy train rolls on.

      NO WAY!! Elon's Space X will beat Boeing hands down, with their BFR; long before puny little Boeing can even launch their first SLS!

  3. DJV Silver badge

    Let's hope...

    ...any software written for these SLS beasties is not begin done by the same team responsible for the 737 MAX code...

    1. Boris the Cockroach Silver badge

      Re: Let's hope...

      No chance of that

      They've all been given a copy of Kerbal Space Program to learn howto do the orbital calculations....

      Icon...... what usually happens in KSP on first launch......

  4. Random Q Hacker

    Just a suggestion, but...

    Let's send some bots roundtrip before humans to work out the cobwebs. We had enough trouble with Apollo 13 in the middle of the space race, and most of those folks have long since retired.

  5. The Cowboy Online

    One gets the impression that the space race of yore wouldn't have led to man landing on the moon if their had been the same 'scrutiny' as we have these days.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Let's hope..

    .. they keep the idiots that dreamt up MCAS far away from this project..

  7. Fruit and Nutcase Silver badge

    Get Moonshot Done.

    "... to meet US President Donald Trump's 2024 deadline.

    And that arbitrary 2024 date is causing some furrowed brows."

    Get BrexitMoonshot Done.

    Dominic Cummings advises Trump

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