back to article OAMigod! Microsoft has a cloud app spec for you – and hopes Rudr can't fail

On Wednesday, Microsoft and Alibaba Cloud revealed "an open standard for developing and operating applications on Kubernetes and other platforms," that isn't yet a standard and looks rather redundant in light of similar projects. The Open Application Model (OAM), released as an open source project under the oversight of the …

  1. Ragarath

    Standards smandards

    In an email to The Register, Tom Petrocelli, research fellow at IT consultancy Amalgam Insights, said while he's generally pleased with Microsoft's embrace of the open source, the company seems to want to push standards, which the open source community tends to avoid

    Whom is this random consultancy person (was there some deal for a mention) from what I see Open Source can be a mismash of implementations but everything needs to have or work toward a standard to be inter-operable.

    Imagine if all the Open Source implementations of an email server decided to send email however they wanted or TCP/IP or many other such things.

    They may try to make things their way so it becomes the de facto standard (same thing here from MS and Ali) but when there is a standard it's normally used.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Standards smandards

      The CEO and founder of Amalgam Insights has a bachelors in Women's and Gender Studies.

      1. Paul 195

        Re: Standards smandards

        "The CEO and founder of Amalgam Insights has a bachelors in Women's and Gender Studies."

        And the point you are trying to make, o anonymous coward, is what exactly?

      2. Hyounpark

        Re: Standards smandards

        Yes. I also have a computational chemistry background, made money in fantasy baseball and basketball by quanting over my leagues, played a lot of bars as an cappella singer, and served as a political treasurer for a Boston City Councilor, all while spending the last 25 years in tech managing millions of dollars in IT spend at Bose and Teradyne, working at multiple VC-backed telco startups, and earning an MBA from Boston University. I can talk about me all day. I've been an industry analyst for 11 years now and it wouldn't even be worth my time or energy to "make an agreement," whatever that means.

        But I'm not the one quoted here. Tom Petrocelli has an even longer resume and profitable exits to his name. I'm sure he's ready to defend his perspective all day long. He was just at SpringOne and will be at KubeCon if you want to discuss this topic with him. We're always glad to have reasonable debate on the state of tech!

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