back to article Is AWS sponsoring Rust? Only a bit – and so is Microsoft Azure

AWS has announced its "Sponsorship of the Rust project", causing some initial excitement in the community. However, in reality it only amounts to a year of AWS "promotional credits." "We're really excited to announce that AWS is sponsoring the Rust programming language," reads a statement by David Barsky (engineer on Rust …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yeah, that announcement was a bit snarky. Trying to build your open source credentials by detailing all of the open source projects you use *but don't contribute anything back to* is not the best way to rebuild your credibility.

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      Re: "not the best way to rebuild your credibility"

      So you're saying that Microsoft had credibility on that and lost it ?

      News to me.

      1. sabroni Silver badge

        Re: "you're saying that Microsoft had credibility"

        I thought the op was about aws.

        On these boards there can only be one big bad....

    2. gerdesj Silver badge

      announcement was a bit snarky

      Never mind. AWS wont last forever and neither will Fe2O3 for similar reasons.

      1. bazza Silver badge

        Re: announcement was a bit snarky

        The Rust programming language might endure. There’s a lot going for it, and it’s still early days. Plenty of time for compilers to mature.

        It’s done good things for Firefox.

        MS’s use of it, if that ever does happen, would be interesting, because they’d likely put resources into improving it. It’s also likely under the current management that they’d push the fruits of that back to the original Rust project. They made a big code contribution to the Git project some time ago, prior to their Github purchase, so their recent form on this is good.

        1. teknopaul Silver badge

          Re: announcement was a bit snarky

          The fact that Microsoft is not involved in Rust is a good thing IMHO.

          They got involved in NodeJS. A Linux foundation project and made things windowsey and no longer cross platform, contributed a windows only compiler to the installation toolchain.

          And now their flagship nodejs project (Teams) doenst work on Linux. Same old, same old.

          1. sabroni Silver badge

            Re: flagship node project

            Is visual studio code isn't it? Runs on Mac's, Windows and Linux.

        2. DrXym Silver badge

          Re: announcement was a bit snarky

          Microsoft already allows Clang C++ under DevStudio so it's not a stretch to think they might allow Rust and endorse it. Rust and Clang output LLVM bitcode which is then turned into MSVC or gcc compatible binaries.

  2. karlkarl Bronze badge

    I find it funny that Microsoft would not fix (i.e the SQL Server C++ bindings) to be safe (reduce raw pointers and replace with smart pointers) because it would require a "complete rewrite" and yet they are looking to migrate certain projects to Rust and write bindings for that. Surely that would constitute a "rewrite"?

    It is quite annoying dealing with closed source libraries; I cannot even make minor tweaks some classes to make them inherit from an invasive pointer system for some amount of added safety.

    1. boltar Silver badge

      "I find it funny that Microsoft would not fix (i.e the SQL Server C++ bindings) to be safe (reduce raw pointers and replace with smart pointers) "

      One of the key selling points of a DB is speed. Smart pointers incur a significant performance hit compared to raw pointers and whats more , they're only any use if they're pointing to objects that need to be destroyed. If they're pointing to a global memory space or memory mapped files then they're of no use and will cause problems when they try and free the memory.

      I'm guessing rust has really smart pointers than know what sort of thing they're pointing to and won't do something stupid like trying to delete memory mapped data.

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