back to article Windows builds, Azure axings and Microsoft pushes's buttons

Amid all the excited spurtings over Microsoft's shiny new hardware, the Redmond gnomes continued their toiling. Here's a roundup of some other interesting things that happened last week in the Microsoft world. Another week, another build and look! We fixed that printing thing! The Windows Insider team celebrated its fifth …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "Microsoft has added an emoji key to its next batch of keyboards"

    That's it, civilization is officially over. Robot overlords, your time has come !

  2. NanoMeter

    IT's a technological appropriation

    of african american technology. I'll grab my coat.

  3. Just Enough

    I'd say Mr Will I Am is talking rubbish. His problem seems to purely be that the earbuds are round, which seems like an obvious and natural thing for earbuds to be.

    And his angle of "An African American start up struggling to inspire innercity kids with tech" is doubly bullshit. They're earphones. He's selling earphones in a market that hardly struggles to get "kids" of any background interested. An if "innercity kids" aren't inspired, he might want to look at their $230 price tag.

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