back to article Mayor of London wants mobile providers to stick more network kit across Big Smoke's rooftops

UK mobile networks could be able to shove their kit on more of the capital's rooftops following a draft agreement put together by the Mayor of London's office. Recent changes to the Electronic Communications Code have made it easier for mobile operators to negotiate lease arrangements with property owners. As such, the …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The bane of the British public since times immemorial. The landed gentry have wielded to much power for far too long over the plebs, and will continue doing so, else extract a heavy price for putting up towers and antenna.

    Ditto, the NIMBYs.

    London is screwed, either way, ending up in higher prices for all.

    1. Chris G Silver badge

      Re: Landlords

      Yeah! I really hate it when they shout " Time please, drink up ladies and gentlemen"

      Do they still do that, I haven't been in a British pub for twenty years?

      1. JimboSmith Silver badge

        Re: Landlords

        Well in the last pub I was in they rang a bell much to the surprise of my Croatian Managing Director over here on a business trip. He asked what the bell was for and we explained about closing time in British pubs. So naturally the first thing he does is suggest we have a final round. As this was the first time some employees had met him they were staying there out of politeness. He bought the final round for everyone himself and you could have what you wanted. The UK manager was by that point on the Orange Juice because he had meetings in the morning. One of the meetings was with the MD who had a legendary lack of hangovers so he certainly didn't want one.

  2. IceC0ld Silver badge

    it's like there's an agenda or something

    but it really seems as if the private landlords KNOW that if they remain cantankerous enough for long enough, that the rules will change, and they will get a far better deal to make them acquiesce ......................

    Surely not :o)

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