back to article Intel unveils gen 2 Optane SCM, bellows: You Barlow Pass, as it unfurls roadmap

Intel has dropped the veil on its gen 2 Optane technology, code-named Barlow Pass, although the details are still light, and revealed it is developing 144-layer QLC (4bits/cell) NAND technology. Chipzilla is also opening a second Optane development line at its Rio Rancho, New Mexico facility, and will be running second …

  1. Duncan Macdonald Silver badge

    QLC - no thanks

    Until QLC has been in use for years to build a reliability and lifetime database, I will not trust it for anything important. There are too few electrons/bit for me to be happy about using it for storage - it may be OK for caching use (eg on a webserver) where any corrupted data can be recovered from backing storage (HDD).

    1. takyon

      Re: QLC - no thanks

      I will only use the upcoming OLC (8-bits-per-cell) drives.

  2. Warm Braw Silver badge


    Does that stand for Side Channel Memory?

    Persistent storage + Spectre + Meltdown (or their successors) - what could possibly go wrong?

    1. YARR

      Re: SCM

      Ecosia says Storage Class Memory

  3. kmedcalf

    Too bad ...

    Too bad is is all slower than an arthritic secretary. There are far better performing solutions available.

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