back to article You are faking it! No, you are! No, AT&T is... Verizon, T-Mobile US execs form 5G circular firing squad on Twitter

For over a year, savvy journalists and policymakers have been refusing to swallow the hype around 5G, aka ultra-fast mobile broadband, pointing out some unwelcome realities about the technology. This week they have been joined by an unlikely bunch: senior executives at the very cellular networks responsible for much of the …

  1. Psmo Bronze badge

    More than enough feet to shoot

    Just keep supplying the ammo.

    And popcorn for everyone else.

  2. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

    Beta phone hardware

    Cell phones are an area where you never want to be using the first invention. Cell phone hardware and software support is, at best, non-existent. Typical 'technicians' will tell you its your fault then factory-reset your phone to make sure that you have nothing to complain about for at least another day. Maybe they just say it has "water ingress" or "physical damage" then illegally cancel the warranty. Phone manufacturers even run their own "support" message boards where moderators are instructed to spread misinformation.

    Can there be anything more horrible than working with both a telco AND a phone maker to debug 5G problems? The best technical solution for a bad cell phone is usually a factory wipe and leaving on the sidewalk with a "FREE" sign.

  3. Garymrrsn

    Dueling Telco CEOs

    Ayep, insults at ten paces.

    1. Kane Silver badge

      Re: Dueling Telco CEOs

      Paddle faster, I hear banjos ringtones.

  4. Douglas Wardle

    Do I need to wear clothes when I use it?

    Started a new gig working out of my home. What a bonus, I don't have to wear sox with my Birkies. I should probably get a business-casual robe in keeping with my new Hugh Hefner alter-persona.

    1. Alister Silver badge

      Re: Do I need to wear clothes when I use it?

      Just a dressing-gown with interesting stains down the front would do...

    2. Tigra 07 Silver badge

      Re: Douglas

      Nice to see you here Linus. When are we getting the new kernel?

  5. Hello-World

    Since when did any mobile network provide accurate and useable information on what coverage and speed you can expect to get anywhere?

  6. phuzz Silver badge

    ho hum

    Could be worse, could be the nutbars who think that 5G will give us all cancer. (Whilst still using wifi at home...)

  7. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge

    current state of 5g

    5G in the US at present...

    First short background. For 5G, the bands are considered Low (like below 1ghz), mid-band (up to 6ghz I guess) or microwave. The 5G standard on low or midband is supposed to get about a 20% speed improvement over LTE, and supports the usual 5, 10, 20mhz channel widths like LTE. The microwave bands are very prone to singal reflection, and have a small coverage areas (like 2 or 3 blocks from what I've read). They also use much smaller antennas, so the cell sites for microwave bands use like 64x64 MIMO (multiple in multiple out) antennas to take advantage of those signal reflections and such to increase the speed as much as possible. The microwave bands also use 100mhz channels which of course increases speeds.

    Verizon Wireless ran/runs a pre-standard 5G network at 28ghz, that they started testing a year or so ago. This gave these lucky beta testers multi-gigabit home broadband through a hotspot. This was to get real-world RF data. 100mhz. As far as I know they might still be running it, the plan would ultimately be to replace these people's hotspots with a standard one (assuming it can't be firmware updated.) This covered a few blocks in a few cities.

    Verizon Wireless's current 5G network, 28ghz, 100mhz channels. Galaxy S10e supports it, and one or two other phones, and a few hotspots. The phones all use 4G LTE for the uplink, don't now about the hotspots. Indeed if you get the maps up, the cities this is in typically the coverage is like a 10x10 block area or so, if that. From what I've read, they're running a cell site every block in these 5G areas. This gets crazy speeds, people on howardforums post well over 1gbps speeds on their phones, but running a cell site per block is just not happening in a lot of areas.

    AT&T Wireless -- microwave 5G planned. I assume it's imminent.

    T-Mobile -- planning 600mhz 5G. Current phones don't support this band, so it's not being used for anything yet, and will allow for widespread 5G coverage. They've already announced they plan to "convert" their 4G to 5G too.

    Sprint -- has a huge block of 2.5ghz spectrum (over 100mhz in most areas), and plan to run 5G in there. They've started doing this in some markets, getting like 150-300mbps and apparently can peak at 800mbps or so. There are merger talks between T-Mobile and Sprint.

    One thing, the phone radio vendors have apparently figured out how to share a 4G channel with 5G, the channel can switch timeslice-by-timeslice between 4G and 5G operation depending on actual amount of 4G versus 5G traffic. T-Mo explicitly said they're rolling this out ASAP, and I'm sure Sprint, AT&T, and VZW will too since it means their existing 4G gets (over time) a 20% boost as 5G devices come out.

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