back to article What's on the itinerary today, Microsoft? Ah, Azure Scheduler's getting a stay of execution

In what seems to be becoming a bit of a habit within the halls of Redmond, Microsoft has extended the life of another product, this time the doomed Azure Scheduler. Scheduler was due for an appointment with Nadella's axeman retirement at the end of this month, but a week before the pulling of the breakers was due to begin, …

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  2. Duncan Macdonald Silver badge

    Why delete the data ?

    There will probably be many jobs that will need to be transferred after Azure Scheduler stops (people always forget things). What would it cost Microsoft to keep the data for a few months after the service closes? Leaving the data available for people having to do emergency fixes could get them some good publicity whereas deleting the data will get them bad publicity from firms that have problems as a result.

  3. Muzza

    When will Microsoft announce the Server 2008 support extension?

    I was at an event mid-2019 where it was stated that 50% of the worlds Windows Server instances run Server 2008. So expect an extension for Server 2008 - or stand back for the riot that will otherwise ensue.

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