back to article Better Bluetooth in Windows 10 and more local Azure toys via Docker containers

Another new Windows build, a flash of Bluetooth, and Azure gazes into Space: it's another Microsoft weekly roundup, categorically free of references to Dark Mode – except for that one (dammit). Microsoft invites Windows users to preview the world of 2020, with better Bluetooth and still no Sets To tide us over while waiting …

  1. Neil Barnes Silver badge


    Well it was alright until I got to the 'f' which is just ugly.

    And I'm not at all sure about 'programming ligatures' - they may make code more readable and user-friendly for some people, but I suspect those people are not actually programmers. New glyphs don't strike me as a particularly sensible way to change a language... but then again, I don't even get on with MS's ideas about replacing :) with a smiley, or automatically bolding *bold* text. Just an old fart, I guess.

  2. Paul Herber Silver badge

    Microsoft and Ball

    but Ball & Gates might have worked. Or was that Cow & Gate? I forget.

  3. Francis Boyle Silver badge

    There is

    no such thing as better bluetooth. The whole thing should be taken out back and shot. It's the merciful thing to do. For the users that is.

  4. david 12 Silver badge

    powershell 7

    Now even less intelligible and even more obscure. Which was the original aim, so no complaint there.

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