back to article Google: Read my lips. You cannot link up a G Suite account with Nest smart home gizmos

Nest users are shouting at Google to let them register G Suite accounts to their home assistant and automation devices. We're waiting to hear back from Google, but so far its tech support is sticking to the line that there is no way to register a G Suite account and only a freebie Gmail addy will do. A support droid wrote on …

  1. Richy Freeway

    Been stuck with this issue myself for a long time. I'm grandfathered in on the free service from back when it was still called Google Apps. All my family have an email address on my domain running through it.

    Because of whatever policy they have in place, I can't sign up for Google One, I can't get a shared family YouTube Premium account, I can't invite family members to my Google home.

    "Switch to a normal Gmail account!" they say. Brilliant, so I then lose access to all the apps I've purchased and there is no way to migrate years and years of email, calendar entries and all the other data Google holds on me. I don't want to have two separate Google accounts, it sort of defeats the point doesn't it?

    They need to do something to sort this out. Either allow Gsuite users into the fold or give us an easy way to migrate everything over to a normal Gmail account without losing everything!

    1. Drat

      I couldn't agree more. I was on a free google apps account and was finding I was missing out on more and more functionality. So, about 2 years ago I took the drastic step of moving to a gmail account. It was a long hard process.

      I managed to move all my emails over, but of course they all ended up in the inbox and not the nicely organised folders I had

      I shared my photos with my new account, but I seem to have lost all the location info. I need to get round to exporting them all from the old account, recombining them with the exif data and then importing them into the new account

      And of course I lost access to all my paid for apps and media

      I am glad I made the change, but it has left a bad taste behind...

    2. Warm Braw Silver badge

      no way to migrate years and years of email, calendar entries

      You should have thought of that before not paying for it... As well as how you were planning to back up all that data if it is of such value to you.

      I'm not a G Suite user, but I think it supports IMAP, in which case you could use something like imapsync to copy your e-mail to another IMAP-enabled account. I'm pretty sure you can export calendar entries, too. And don't worry about "all the other data Google holds", their one job is to make sure that follows you forever, however hard you try to avoid it.

      1. Richy Freeway

        Back when I got on board, it was nothing but email and calendaring. There was no Android, no app store, no google drive, none of the other stuff that was later tacked on. Had I envisaged a future mobile operating system with apps I could buy and ad free video service that I wouldn't be able to use to their fullest I'd probably have chosen differently.

        Never had any restrictions on what Google services I could use, it's only recently that they've started offering other services like YouTube premium, Google Home/Assistant etc that the problem of not being able to use the account fully has popped up.

        I pay for Google Drive, I pay for YouTube Premium. I am a paying customer that is unable to use some of their products together for some arbitrary reason.

      2. FlyMyPretty

        Who would ever have guessed that by paying for something, you end up with a crappier version.

        It's not the data - I can transfer my domain to another provider, but it's the things that come with it.

    3. Peter Galbavy

      Also, in a similar position with an old Google Apps account, at some point I stopped being able to leave reviews on Google Play Store. I can still see my old reviews submitted using the same account but no longer.

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Can't you connect a proper email client to it like Outlook and then just migrate all your data and calander entries by syncing it with Outlook? Then just move to another email service that isn't spyware by design.

      1. simonlb Silver badge

        Outlook is not, and never has been, a proper email client.

        1. jelabarre59 Silver badge

          Outlook is not, and never has been, a proper email client.

          But Thunderbird is. It's just a shame that TBird has a dwindling developer base, and can't do much more than desperately try to keep up with vulnerabilities and basic patches.

    5. Orv Silver badge

      Having two separate Google accounts isn't actually that painful, FWIW. Between home and work I have a total of four. Pretty much everything supports multiple sign-on now. Mostly you just want to pick one and stick with it for purchases and Android backups, because having them scattered around can get aggravating.

  2. a pressbutton Silver badge

    That woman has a very odd finger

    does that picture disturb anyone else?

    something odd with the first finger joint.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      @a pressbutton - Re: That woman has a very odd finger

      Forget the finger! What about the rest ?

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: That woman has a very odd finger

      Prostate Massage?

  3. deive

    Stange... I have a G Suite account with a nest thermostat and it is fine.

    There are some things it can't/won't do with the G Suite account, like rifle though your emails and calender (which I take as a positive).

  4. RyokuMas Silver badge

    Stop, you're killing me...

    "... we'll uphold our commitment to respect your privacy..."


  5. Drew Scriver Bronze badge

    G-Suite is paid for with $, Gmail with your data/privacy

    Might the difference be that Google doesn't dig into G-Suite data, but that it freely does so with regular Gmail and Google accounts?

    'Smart' devices inherently gather private data and companies, including Google, monetize this. This fits right into messaging services like e-mail they give away for 'free'.

    They can't do this with G-Suite because the (business) contract precludes it. If they were doing this (or going to) many companies would stop using their services - either because of concerns over data ex-filtration or because of regulatory constraints.

    1. Danny Boyd

      Re: G-Suite is paid for with $, Gmail with your data/privacy

      "Google doesn't dig into G-Suite data" - you forgot to add the "Joke Alert" icon.

    2. Orv Silver badge

      Re: G-Suite is paid for with $, Gmail with your data/privacy

      My experience with G-Suite is that when a new product comes along, it's initially unavailable to G-Suite accounts. Eventually they add an option to allow organizations to turn it on. The whole point of G-Suite is to let the org have control, so you generally have to wait for them to opt in.

      Not *everyone* with a G-Suite account pays, incidentally. There used to be a free tier, and those of us who have accounts on it are grandfathered in. Not everything available to business customers is available on the free tier though.

  6. ANWatto

    Just like Drat, I am in the same position, along with so many others. You only have to see the number of Forums related to the problem with using Google Home products with Gsuite accounts to realize how many people are affected and for how long this has been a problem.

    Google fail to make this clear around any of their products and it is extremely frustrating to have purchased them and find usage is limited.

    Many of us were encouraged on to the Google apps platform in it's BETA days (now Gsuite) and have a lot of investment in it. yet we are now stuck because we cannot use any of the products that would be useful (Family/One etc ) not to mention the limits around usage of Google home devices.

    Most of us are willing and would welcome te opportunity to pay for additional services but we just can't!

    Google continue to avoid answering any questions around their plans for this, other than to ask us to provide feedback t their engineering teams.

    If only they had a Gsuite type service that was available for families and worked with all their products.

    what makes it even worse is how difficult it is to migrate from Gsuite to a gmail account!

    At the moment I am in the process of moving to O365 - weirdly I will then have a better experience and integration with Google products than before!!!

    Admittedly it won't be perfect.

  7. Paul Hovnanian Silver badge

    What if ...

    ... I have a Nest thermostat in my business?

  8. ma1010 Silver badge


    Well, if at all possible, I would suggest that everyone just don't use any of this IOT crap from anyone. It seems apparent to me from their behavior that Google, MS, FB, Comcast, AT&T and all these other big corporations have the ethics of a rabid piranha in a toilet bowl. I realize that some people must use their wares and are unwilling victims. And yes, I have an Android phone because I can't afford to pay the "Cupertino idiot tax" as El Reg refers to it.

    But insofar as I can, I disable tracking and slurping in what I do use and try to avoid giving any money or useful information to those monsters. They already have far too much money and power, and will stop at nothing to gain more. Aside from just being the cheap bastard I am, I don't want to help make the monsters even more powerful than they already are.

    1. Claverhouse Silver badge

      Re: Well...

      Best advice yet.

      Google is purchased with your dignity.

  9. fidodogbreath Silver badge

    "We hear your frustration and understand change isn't easy," support cooed. "Our first step as Google Nest was to go beyond the idea of a 'smart home,' and to focus instead on creating a 'helpful home'. With that comes some growing pains, but our goal is simple: earn and keep your trust by clearly explaining how our products work and how we'll uphold our commitment to respect your privacy."

    What a smarmy load of shit.

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