back to article NHS Shared Business Services asks: Might we interest sir in a bespoke, artisanal G-Cloud?

NHS Shared Business Services - the UK health service's back-office IT provider - has launched a list of pre-approved cloud services suppliers for public sector orgs. Unlike G-Cloud, a marketplace that proffers tens of thousands of services from thousands of suppliers, the NHS SBS framework includes just 24 suppliers and aims …

  1. NeilPost Bronze badge

    In-House ??

    So any chance to grow and nurture your in-house team to provide these services, built from standard/repeatable Cloud Providers like AWS/Amazon/Google and Hospital and PAS suppliers???

    Or have they already undermined their ICT departments and tossed all your knowledgable/experienced staff as “not supporters of change” and “expensive” and other things that hamper NHS Trust Management???

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