back to article Apple and Google trade barbs over bugs, digital lothario arrested and Bluekeep gets busy

Here's a look back at some of the latest security bits and bobbles besides the stuff we already covered over the past week. That's the way the Cook, he grumbles Apple isn't taking too kindly to Google's decision to disclose a family of security vulnerabilities that were under active attack by Chinese authorities seeking to …

  1. ds6 Bronze badge

    Oh no, more data stolen.

    It's incredibly depressing the first thing I think when reading about yet another data breach is "oh, yet another data breach."

    They have become so common I've been desensitized.

    Thankfully I haven't been directly impacted... yet?

    1. ThatOne Silver badge

      Re: Oh no, more data stolen.

      All this thanks to the new fad of all-around data hoarding. If companies only had the data they really need, data would be so fragmented it wouldn't be worth stealing in the first place.

      Example: I went to have new glasses made; Optician wanted my name, address, any personal telephone numbers I might have, job and job telephone number, but also birth date, marital status, number of children, name of spouse (and telephone number). The young lady asking me all that didn't understand why I was reluctant to give them all those informations, "it's standard procedure". Judging by her reaction, I must have been the first to refuse giving them all that.

      All they actually really needed is payment and one identifying piece of data (like my last name) to know who ordered that specific pair of glasses when I come back to collect them. The rest is just breach fodder.

      But since it's identified and verified information I guess it sells quite well... Why bother having well-paid specialists and expensive manufacturing facilities - Just hire a bunch students, have them collect the precious customers' information, and then subcontract the actual glasses making to some cheap Chinese facility. Profit!

  2. Alister Silver badge

    Obligatory xkcd

    No, not that one...

  3. Cuddles Silver badge

    NHS loses 2,000 records from gender identity clinic

    I'm not sure "loses" is really the correct word here. "Disclosed" or "broadcast" or something similar would be more appropriate. If all they'd done is lost the things there wouldn't be any privacy issue involved, they'd just have a bit of trouble contacting people.

  4. Dan 55 Silver badge

    "Google’s post, issued six months after iOS patches were released, creates the false impression of 'mass exploitation' to 'monitor the private activities of entire populations in real time,' stoking fear among all iPhone users that their devices had been compromised. This was never the case," Apple said.

    It certainly was if you lived in that area of China. Don't they count?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "Not a problem"

      But the shooter was only killing Croatian twins, so that's not really a problem, right?

      Are PR wonks successful *because* they can't empathise?

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