back to article Microsoft cracks the whip over quality of code in software souk AppSource, orders devs to run the QA gauntlet

Microsoft is set to launch something called the Business Applications ISV Connect Program at its Inspire conference in Las Vegas next week. This program will, essentially, strong-arm makers of business applications into getting their software reviewed for quality and security before it can appear on Redmond's online AppSource …

  1. Shadow Systems Silver badge

    Hippocritical cockwombles.

    MS demanding everyone else ensure secure & well written code, but can't be bothered to QA their own tripe before shitting it down their non-corporate customers' throats?

    I swear to Cthulhu's sweaty man boobs that MS deserves to die.

    1. Sandtitz Silver badge

      Re: Hippocritical cockwombles.

      "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her"

      Don't have a (dirty) COW, man.

  2. FozzyBear Silver badge

    Microsoft Quality and Security checks

    After picking myself off the ground, swiping the tears of laughter from my eyes, Checking that is wasn't April 1st, checked that the earth is still spinning or that I hadn't woken in some weird alternate dimension (final confirmation on the next rainy day, water and not what we call in my world, donuts).

    I am now seriously trying to figure out if they will be using their own internal QA standards or those used by the rest of the tech world .

    Is this their only QA Employee ? --->

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Piling on

    in other astounding news, both the kettle and tea are still black.

    To be fair, they didn't necessarily mean that AppSource apps had to be QCd BETTER then M$ does itself, just that they had to attempt something resembling what they call QC. Which by all recent code quality metrics might have been redefined as a cocktail made from quince and cantaloupe.

  4. SVV Silver badge

    This is either a 10 per cent (standard) or 20 per cent (premium) cut of total revenue.

    You want 20% of TOTAL REVENUE for this compulsory "support"?

    Any business owner who signs up for that isn't going to be a very successful one.

  5. Hans 1 Silver badge

    the Windows giant's QA checks

    Your code must have no less than 5 remote exec vulns every 100 lines of code.

    1. Hans 1 Silver badge

      Re: the Windows giant's QA checks

      Adobe and Microsoft sole code purveyors allowed in AppSource.

  6. EnviableOne Bronze badge

    Pot have you met Kettle

    like you he is a bit black

  7. Ken Moorhouse Silver badge


    Aren't lighthouses built to warn humans that they are in dangerous waters?

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