back to article Ofcom snaps on fresh pair of rubber gloves for deeper rummage around in Giffgaff billing faff

Budget MVNO Gifgaff faces a fresh challenge from Ofcom over claims it provided the regulator "inaccurate information" during a probe into its billing cock-up. The UK comms prober opened the investigation last year and said the mobile virtual network operator may have sent inaccurate bills as a result of an error that arose …

  1. Adam Jarvis

    Parliamentary investigation into the whole Ofcom/Ombud complaints system. It's not fit for purpose.

    "That notification also suggests that from at least 1 January 2012 – 7 March 2019, O2 took duplicate final direct debit payments from customers who terminated their contracts on a Saturday or Sunday and had an outstanding periodic bill to pay."

    This just shows how useless the UK Ofcom/Ofgem regulator/Ombudsman Services complaint model is, where each individual has to complain separately (and only after 8 weeks have passed) to flag each complaint, complaints that can affect multiple customers at once. Ombudsman Services is compensated more than the individual making the complaint and the OS gets paid irrespective if the case is upheld.

    The whole system sinks, it's an absolute merry-go-round for the person complaining, the time and effort involved, achieves the diddly squat of nothing for the individual, especially where complaints affect multiple customers at once because OS will suppress the complaint, especially if the complaint is a result of a mistake by Ofcom themselves.

    The fact that this issue remained for 7 years, should create an official Parliamentary investigation into Ofcom/Ombudsman Services, not just o2.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Parliamentary investigation into the whole Ofcom/Ombud complaints system.

      There is a lot of justice in the complaint, but the high OS fees generally work in the customer's favour: high fees mean that the mere threat to go to the ombudsman is likely to generate a reasonable offer of compensation because it is cheaper for the company to pay than for the company to win in the OS.

  2. cantankerous swineherd

    direct debits = letting someone take whatever they want, whenever they want. why would anyone do that?

    1. MatthewSt

      As opposed to paying by debit card or credit card?

      At least the DD guarantee allows you to challenge it fairly easily. It's a pretty fair system for both sides

  3. AmenFromMars

    Giffgaff "The network run by you."

    If it's run by you and you've fucked up the billing, then it's your own stupid fault.

  4. Ian Emery Silver badge

    I do wonder if this is related to the O2 billing investigation; since GG get their data from O2 ré how much of your data/minutes you have used.

    I personally havent noticed any issues, and from the description, any sums I might have been billed in error are far out-wieghed by the massive amounts saved by now using a BT phone - it is cheapor to use GG to call the MiL, on her mobile in China; than it is to call my mum, 200m away on the landline.

  5. jason 7


    My GiggGaff commitment is purely a £10 sim that sits in the emergency phone in the car's glovebox.

    1 SMS every 6 months keeps it going.

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