back to article Who said 3 was the magic number? Microsoft previews new Azure SDK in 4 programming languages

Microsoft's new code libraries for programming its Azure cloud address a significant problem for developers: the inconsistency between the huge numbers of supporting libraries. The issue has arisen after the rapid development of new features on Azure over a stretch of several years. The new code libraries have started with …

  1. SMITCH79

    Who said 3 is the magic number?

    De la soul . . . . .

    1. mrfantastic

      Re: Who said 3 is the magic number?

      Nope, Bob Dorough

      1. SMITCH79

        Re: Who said 3 is the magic number?

        Cheers, gave that a listen.


  2. Ilsa Loving


    Of course they're "learning" how to deal with this. After all, Microsoft has only been in this business for 4 freaking decades, and are directly responsible for the term "DLL Hell" being invented in the first place.

    But yes, Microsoft, please go on about your complete inability to learn from your own recent history which could have avoided this entire problem in the first place.

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