back to article Who cares about a Soyuz launch or a Vega delay when there's space gin to be had?

While wind kept Arianespace's Vega grounded, it was second time lucky for Russia's Meteor-M and a first 100 for Rocket Lab. Scot-built sats hitch a ride to orbit aboard Soyuz Russia sent up another another Soyuz last week, this time the 2.1b variant, carrying the Russian Meteor-M meteorological spacecraft No. 2-2 as its …

  1. Anonymous Custard Silver badge

    Gin and rockets

    The kind of combination that would make Lester proud...

  2. Spherical Cow Bronze badge

    Where can I download the plans for those 3D-printed rockets? It must be about time for Aldi put 3D printers on sale again ;-)

  3. Benson's Cycle


    IIRC the V2 was liquid oxygen/alcohol fuelled, but as the burn was too hot the alcohol had to be diluted.

    Actual vodka, in fact.

    1. phuzz Silver badge

      Re: V2

      At first it was just pure (well 75% ethanol/water mix) alcohol, but of course, this being effectively an army base, some of it started to go 'missing'.

      So, they started adding a horrible pink dye to it. However the staff were rocket scientists, so it didn't take long before someone realised you could filter the dye out by using a potato.

      Next they tried adding a laxative. The result was that they became very under-manned as everyone was in the toilets.

      Finally they started adding methanol, (and publicising the addition), which resulted in one death, and one person going blind, but did seem to cut down the fuel 'losses'.


      1. Ken 16 Silver badge

        Re: V2

        This negates the Rocket Fuel jokes I was going to make.

        I didn't know this about the V2 - I had read about the shrinkage of hydraulic fluid on Siberian MiG bases.

  4. Down in the weeds

    Show Me the Space Gin!

    Tidy little marketing sideline

  5. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    "If wind is your thing"

    Does gin have that effect?

  6. Ugotta B. Kiddingme Silver badge


    Ballocket, surely!

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