back to article Now Intel taken to US Supreme Court over retirement fund gripes: Ex-staffer demands right to sue over risks, losses

The US Supreme Court will dig into an Intel retirement plan that one unhappy former staffer says wrongly invested in risky funds and led to big losses in his savings. On Monday, America's highest court said it would look at the case after Chipzilla lost a Ninth Circuit appeal over the issue. Intel is arguing that the lawsuit …

  1. -tim

    The "high tech, high growth" fund wasn't?

    When I worked for a stock market data processing company, we noticed that the total amount of periodic buys that fit a specific pattern matched some of the retirement funds exactly. i.e. we knew what the fund bought before anyone except their management team. They had a fixed formula of taking their nearly billion dollars of new funds each week and investing it in what made the most sense according to their rules and then spreading out what ever was left using some other system that might have involved a dart board or dice. We could watch the option buys where others had spotted this and were gambling on the major buys but we didn't see much evidence of the secondary buys but knowing them would have been very profitable. If a small group saw this in the data more than two decades ago, who is playing the system now? Oddly enough, IBM seemed to be the catchall stock when there wasn't anything making news.

  2. James O'Brien

    And this is why

    I prefer to drink my checks away and stuff whatever I have left in the couch/mattress/closet/[buried 3 linguine NNE of the 2nd oak under the stone marked 'HERE']/or the tip jar for bartender Jesus...Seriously I love that guy.

  3. LordHighFixer

    Don't Fsck with old people.

    The saying 'age and treachery beats youth and exuberance every time' exists for a reason. Pay the retirees and move on, or they will knee cap you.

    1. Fatman Silver badge

      Re: Don't Fsck with old people.

      Unlike the yoof, """old people""" have had decades to sharpen their knives. And learn just exactly where to plant them.

      Karma is a bitch!

  4. asdf Silver badge

    rule of thumb

    Proving once again if you don't control the money and what its invested in then don't count on it as income at all. Pie in the sky until then.

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