back to article What does $9bn buy you? For Infineon, a Cypress hill of California semis

Munich-based Infineon has said it will cough €9bn for California's Cypress Semiconductor. The merged company claimed the deal will make it the world's eighth largest chipmaker and give it top spot for supplying chips to car and vehicle companies. As The Reg reported back in 2015, Infineon has done a lot of work in automotive …

  1. Missing Semicolon

    " demand from vehicle makers in China"

    Ha. Selling chips to China? Best of luck with that!

  2. TimMaher Bronze badge
    Paris Hilton

    Real Estate

    Thanks Reg.

    When I read the headline I thought Infineon had bought a hillside in California dotted with cypress trees and semi-detached houses.

    Hmph, grump.

    1. Mullah Bob

      Re: Real Estate

      I worked for the bloody Bosch from 2005 to 2007, until they spun off DRAM into Qimonda. At the time their corporate slogan was "Never Stop Thinking". When spoken with the German accent it would sound like "never stop sinking".

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