back to article NAND down we goooo: Flash supplier revenues plunged in first quarter

Oversupply is a pain in the collective rear for flash suppliers – a price crash caused market revenues to slump by almost a fifth to $10.792bn in calendar Q1 compared to the prior quarter. Not everyone suffered equally in the quarter, according to the stats compiled by researcher DRAMeXChange: SK Hynix's revenues were down 35. …

  1. DJV Silver badge


    Cheap SSDs!

    (for a while)

    1. CheesyTheClown

      Re: Yay!

      I thought the same and then thought... why bother?

      I used to spend tons of money building big storage systems... even for the house... I have a server in the closet I just can't force myself to toss which has 16TB of storage I built in 2005. These days, 500GB is generally more than enough. 1TB for game PCs.

      At the office, I used to buy massive NetApp arrays... now that I have moved to Docker and Kubernetes, I just run Ceph, GlusterFS, or Windows Storage Spaces Direct and I use consumer grade SSDs.

      We are soooooooo far past needing for storage it's silly. To expand a Ceph cluster by a terabyte of low cost SSD, it requires 3TB of storage which is under $300 now... and it gives us WAY better redundancy than using an expensive array. And to be fair... since almost everything is in the cloud these days, you could probably run an entire bank on 2-4TB of storage for years. It's not like a database record takes much space. Back in 1993, we ran over 100 banks on about 1GB of online storage. I'm almost sure you can run 1 modern bank on 4000 times that much. :)

      As for performance... once you stop running VMware and you switch to something... well... anything else, you just don't need that much performance. I guess video games would load faster, but ask yourself when the last time you actually thought "I need a faster hard drive"

  2. Andy Mac

    Can the extra chips be converted into Intel CPUs? I hear there’s a shortage.


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