back to article A mobe with obnoxious teen karaoke app TikTok built in?! Wow, thanks ByteDance, sign us up

ByteDance, the company behind vast video-sharing platform TikTok, is planning to build its own mobile handsets pre-loaded with its applications. The Chinese firm claims almost a billion users around the world: it provides news reader apps and music platforms like, but is most famous for TikTok. The move into hardware …

  1. Rafael #872397

    Why not?

    Twitter Peek was also a huge success!

    1. MyffyW Silver badge

      Re: Why not?

      Sounds like a terrible idea, but in the unlikely event of weaning my daughters off their Apple addiction I'll give it one-and-a-half cheers.

  2. 0laf Silver badge
    Big Brother

    For the people el Naranga Presendente Trump

    I would support president Trump blocking this product.

    But if you could turn the updates for my Huawei spyphone back on please.

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