back to article DRAM, that's cold: Overclockers squeeze out extra Micron DDR4 performance with liquid nitrogen system

Micron's Ballistix Elite brand of DDR4 memory has been overclocked by almost 60 per cent using liquid nitrogen cooling. Overclocking memory increases bandwidth and transfer speed but ramps up its temperature. It's useful when gaming speed is held back by memory bandwidth rather than being gated by CPU or video card speeds. …

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  2. Julian 8

    Amazing the lengths we have to go to now to get our performance back due to HT being switched off due to the latest bugs in their processors

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Oh well, the atmosphere is 79% nitrogen, unlike helium supply is not a problem.

      1. Symon Silver badge


        But I won't go on about the wild variations in significant figures in the article...

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          OK, 78%. My textbook is so old, argon hadn't been discovered.

  3. Crisp Silver badge

    Do I want a gaming rig with a cooling system that can condense oxygen out of the atmosphere?

    Strangely enough... I do.

  4. iron Silver badge

    Not very cold

    77K isn't that cold. Come back to me when they're cooling so much they have to warm the RAM up to make it work.

    Apparently below about 14K RAM does not function. (source Mark Russinovich)

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Not very cold

      That's nothing. I don't work below 290K or above 303K.

      1. John Robson Silver badge

        Re: Not very cold

        Who would ever need 640K though...

        Or am I getting my units muddled ;)

      2. MiguelC Silver badge

        Re: Not very cold

        You should work at 310K as a standard

    2. Hans 1 Silver badge

      Re: Not very cold

      Mark Russinovich ? I love sysinternals, don't get me wrong, one of those glasses of ice-water in hell, but ... How he can try to hide Windows' piss-poor memory management with the sentence "unused RAM is wasted RAM" with a straight face is beyond me ...

      NB: I totally agree, until you need that RAM, though ...

  5. Alistair Silver badge

    ice9 computing.

    Vonnegut would have a field day with this one.

  6. Snowy Silver badge

    I find it rather odd.

    That they started with that speed of memory when 4600 is available which could be overclocked to 5000 without any special cooling.

    1. John Robson Silver badge

      Re: I find it rather odd.

      I suspect they tried a few different types...

  7. Hans 1 Silver badge

    However, if you really want to go all out on liquid nitrogen, EVGA Gaming has a Roboclocker that might do the job. ®

    Where is the cryorefrigerator, there ? If I want that at home, I want a cryorefrigerator, I do not want to go buy and recycle liquid cylinders every day ... amateurs! I was thinking of the K170040A - 40W@170K, should do it.

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