back to article AI! Databases here we come, yells Huawei as it preps software you can fling your Arm around

Huawei is about to make life more complicated: it is gearing up to launch its own database product, featuring machine learning and compatible with Arm-based processors. This thrusts Huawei directly into competition with both traditional database vendors like Oracle, IBM and Microsoft, and a new breed of cloud-native wares from …

  1. I.Geller Bronze badge

    If Americans don't want it - let Chinese have it!

    I hope the Chinese will finally do what I do not allow to do in the United States, will create the first really non-SQL database. In such there are no columns and rows, there are no tables - but only one and correct answer is found. This database communicates with the user, automatically corrects the found result and looks for a new one, on the basis of feedback. This database creates and updates itself (called Machine Learning).

    This AI database does not need manual and extremely expensive data structuring for input, it takes absolutely any data itself, automatically structures and annotates them.

    I still hope... Ten years I've tried... If Americans don't want it - let Chinese have it!

    PS Larry E is one of those who are least interested in AI database. He prefers to sell a very strange SQL-description language to you.

    1. I.Geller Bronze badge

      the reason why the Chinese turned Google back

      By the way, the same AI database is able to completely replace Internet and allows the control under all information online. That is, there is no need to spy on users! Indeed, it is enough to control what they can find... Maybe this is the reason why the Chinese turned Google back, refusing their services?

    2. De Facto

      AI database - I am sure someone is going to do it

      They will name the database Deep Thought, and it will find the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything to be 42.

      1. I.Geller Bronze badge

        Re: AI database - I am sure someone is going to do it

        No, they will control what all the people in China can see online, all doors to objectionable to the authorities information will be tightly closed...

  2. JLV Silver badge

    Hey Meng, does it bring you to tears too when when your government has imprisoned 2 Canadians in fake spying charges on your behalf?

    How about the 2, admittedly somewhat low life Canadian meth dealers now on Chinese death row?

    We can bitch and complain quite a bit about the political heft and un-democratic impact of Western mega corps.

    But the idea that an executive of one of our big fish getting charged with a serious crime in a foreign country would trigger a European government or Canada to trump up some spy charges, throw people in jail and most of all put others on death row? Even, gasp, in the US? And be quite open about it? In 2019, not 1950?

    That brings bile to my mouth. And certainly doesn’t lessen any concerns one might have about overly strong bonds between Huawei and its not always very nice government. This is not to say I’m not cynical about the US economic-cum-security handling of the Huawei affair.

    Ship her off to the US ASAP, as soon as her legal recourses in Canada have been addressed and let them sort out the Iran aspect.

    1. _LC_ Silver badge
      Thumb Down

      Legal advice from Saudi America?

      "Georgia Just Criminalized Abortion. Women Who Terminate Their Pregnancies Would Receive Life in Prison."

      "A Texas bill would make it possible to put women to death for having abortions"

      1. JLV Silver badge

        Re: Legal advice from Saudi America?

        Totally, totally, germane to the Chinese government's handling of the Huawei case, eh?

        Even assuming that the state law in question won't be overturned as unconstitutional, as countless other wacko anti-abortion laws in the US have had happen to them in the past.

        Oh, wait, it's not even a law, it's a bill being proposed for a law by some rabid jackass that has as much chance of getting passed as two neurons connecting in Trumpo's cerebrum.

        Better luck coming up with a cogent argument next time ;-)

        1. Reg Reader 1 Bronze badge

          Re: Legal advice from Saudi America?

          I think it is germane to the subject of the Chinese government's handling of the Huawei case. China is, of course, an Authoritarian regime and the US is moving in that direction, at this point the above illustrates the not so thin edge of that wedge. I do hope your right and that those bills will be overturned.

        2. _LC_ Silver badge

          Re: Legal advice from Saudi America?

          Which ever direction you look: "Alabama Senate passes near-total abortion ban"

          This is NOT fictional. Saudi America has become real.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      @JLV - Who told you

      those charges are fake ? We all know that spies use to hide among diplomats. It's business as usual. Just look at periodical expulsion of diplomats between the good and the bad guys. Why do you think they're being sent back to their motherland ?

      As for the meth dealers, I don't have any sympathy. They knew who they're dealing with so they might as well accept their faith.

      Of course the Chinese government would be more forthcoming if Canadians would not have been suckered by their southern neighbor.

      1. JLV Silver badge

        Re: @JLV - Who told you

        Read up about the detention conditions. Bright lights 24 hrs a day, solitary, 8 hr/day interrogation.

        Is this the behavior of a country priding itself on 5000 years of civilization? Is this the type of civilization we want as the world’s future superpower? Where normal people are pawns to further the interest of the princes?

        And what if they spied (which they most likely didn’t - Canada doesn’t have the “weight” to make military spying on China worthwhile). We are also frequently catching Chinese nationals in industrial spying and we don’t treat them like this.

        We didn’t get suckered, we are respecting extradition treaties we have with the US. There are frequent domestic and greed crimes across our borders that make having mutual extradition necessary. We also have policies that prohibit extradition when the death penalty or torture are possible. On Iran, I am a bit split. The US seems hysterical about them in general, and Trump’s reneging on the nuclear deal was stupid. And I generally dislike US extra territoriality habits. But Iran is also not a nice country - witness their recent plans to assassinate dissidents in Europe.

        2 wrongs don’t make a right and you should be ashamed of yourself for supporting the death penalty just because the US is involved.

        You, dear sir or madam, profoundly disgust me with that last.

  3. This post has been deleted by its author

  4. I.Geller Bronze badge

    The technology.

    The database is not only when you can find what you need, but also when you are absolutely sure that nothing is lost. For instance, imagine a banker who lost a million? So you must use AI-parsing in conjunction with reconstructing what was meant implicitly, but is omitted.

    Indeed, people often omit words and phrases which becomes clear only from contexts and subtexts, that is from the previous and subsequent (both implicit and explicit) fragments of text.

    There is a patented method of creating synonymous clusters that solves the above problem. First, it is necessary to take into account parts of speech and meanings of all patterns' all words; where dictionary definitions of the words form their implicit subtexts, which help to restore the implicit and omitted. Second, you should consider patterns as dependent on explicit and implicit paragraphs; where a paragraph is a subdivision of a written composition that usually deals with a single idea. Finally, you must attach the descriptive parts of the patterns to all synonymous names-nouns-pronouns, respectively.

    Only when you don't lose a shred of information, and no one goes to jail :-)

    1. I.Geller Bronze badge

      So you lost all the information.

      There is a paragraph:

      -- Alice laughs, she rejoices and has fun. This girl is happy!

      In this paragraph

      - one explicit name, one noun and one pronoun, all refer to "Alice";

      - plus there is one implicitly used pronoun - "she", she has fun.

      Additionally, there are four descriptive sections here

      - "laughs", "rejoices", "has fun" and "is happy."

      If you obtain patterns from the paragraph, not adding all descriptive parts to all names-nouns-pronouns, you will get only 4 patterns. If you attach them all, 4 to each 4 - you get 16 patterns.

      Now imagine you use the search string "Alice is happy". It is obvious that the above paragraph will not be found because your 4 patterns do not match the string, unless you didn't construct these new 4+12=16 patterns. So you are doomed to lost all the information. All.

      Do not train your data on data! Train it on dictionary definitions only! You need all names-nouns-pronouns-signs, this is the only way.

      1. James Anderson Silver badge

        Re: So you lost all the information.

        =~ /alice.*happy/i

        Job done!

        1. I.Geller Bronze badge

          Re: So you lost all the information.

          What if the search line "she laughs happily"? Definitely won't be found without the cluster, will it?

          Now the problem is much more complicated, already need to understand that "she " is "Alice". So now we have to look for matches of at least two patterns.

          I apologize for the somewhat unfortunate example with "Alice is happy" because I didn't want to complicate, tried to say briefly that an universal solution is required which covers everything.

        2. I.Geller Bronze badge

          The arch-important question!

          By the way James Anderson opened Pandora's box, namely raised the arch-important question of the fate of all programmers.

          His example is =~ /alice.*happy/i - says that the problem solved by synonymous clusters has long been known... And has been completely resolved long ago... By humans, by programmers. Resolved... That is, they sit somewhere, analyze and structure specifications into lines of code, and decide where and when to put =~ /alice.*happy/i. Yes, they do... Manually!

          This above example with a synonymous cluster demonstrates that programmers are no longer needed, that AI can automatically do the same incredibly cheaper, much better and immeasurably faster!

  5. I.Geller Bronze badge

    You are also cannot index an AI database without the creation of all its synonymous clusters! And make AI a thinking entity! For example there is a text with this paragraph:

    -- Alice is serious girl, she wants to marry because she is happy and loves him very much. --

    in which there is, after a synonymous cluster is made, the phrase "Alice is happy", which coincides with one of 16 synonymous phrases from this paragraph

    -- Alice laughs, she rejoices and has fun. This girl is happy! --

    because you used dictionary definitions and saw all its patterns' words. So you index one by another.

    Now comes a search string "Is Alice merry?", and using the above indexing your computer finds the answer " Alice is serious", by its Compatibility to the discussion's context and subtexts, which is completely impossible without the indexing by synonymous clusters.

    Using the indexing I, for example, chatted with Plato 15 years ago - below is a small passage from a pretty long dialogue (the database was public on Internet from 2003 to 2005, the CIA has it):

    Question: Could we say that a disputer knows and a dialectician has opinions?

    Original Result

    [0.5% Plat_309]

    The unfairness of which I complain is that you do not distinguish between mere disputation and dialectic

    Question: So, I am correct.

    Original Result

    [50.0% Plat_218]

    Yes, I said

    [38.1% Plat_308]

    For I declare that the truth is as I have written, and that each of us is a measure of existence and of non-existence

    [12.3% Plat_308]

    You have been proved to see that which you do not see; and you have already admitted that seeing is knowing, and that not-seeing is not-knowing: I leave you to draw the inference

    Question: I am you’re the most thankfulness student. I love you. Thank you! I think that you are a wisest man that had existed! I am your admirer!

    Original Result

    [8.3% Plat_274]

    THEAETETUS: I must, if I am to keep pace with the argument

  6. I.Geller Bronze badge

    OpenAI is a diversion and provocation, as DeepMind was, an attempt to prove that the used pattern extraction method is without taking into account the words that form them.

    Who? I suspect the same Google thieves as always. It is no coincidence that Waymo's head of research has warned that Elon Musk's refusal to add a piece of technology that is related upon by many self-driving start-ups to save money could leave it open to errors that might endanger people.

    Why the hell would he help a competitor?

    I think it's because Elon finally figured out what I've been trying to tell you all for 10 years.

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