back to article Zavvi tells customers: You've won VIP tickets to Champions League final! And you've won tickets, and you've won tickets, and you, and...

Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur are off to Madrid for the Champions League final after emphatic wins against Barcelona and Ajax – so of course devotees were ecstatic to find they had won all-expenses-paid VIP tickets to the footie match courtesy of etailer Zavvi. However, that joy soon turned to ash in their mouths when it …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    On the plus side ...

    millions of people who thought zavvi had gone under years ago had a surprise ....

    1. Ol'Peculier

      Re: On the plus side ...

      Or have to go and watch a football match.

      I'll get me -->

      1. BrownishMonstr

        Re: On the plus side ...

        I'll get me -->

        Your dildo?

    2. paulf Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Re: On the plus side ...

      On another plus side - I'm looking forward to a new "Who, Me?" story that I hope will be written once the current PR shit storm has calmed down.

      Someone we'll call "Ben" was working for an unnamed online retailer that many had considered long defunct. He'd been tasked with writing a script that sent a "Winner notification" email to the list of addresses in database table.CompWin but actually sent it to the list of addresses in table.CompIn (i.e. those who were entered into the competition). Since this was a relatively straight forward task he didn't see any need to debug it on a test database first and, well, ...

  2. noboard

    Not just people who entered the competition

    I got the email as well, even though I haven't bought anything from them since 2011. My first thought was "this is the best scam email I've ever seen"

    1. Chunky Munky

      Re: Not just people who entered the competition

      I got the mail as well, and I've never bought anything from them, just registered an account donkeys years ago to buy something they didn't have stock of.

      Still, anyone wanna buy some footy tickets - cheap!

    2. WonkoTheSane Silver badge

      Re: Not just people who entered the competition

      Same. Though since I don't follow sportball, I clicked on "unsubscribe" instead of "claim".

    3. JimmyPage Silver badge

      RE: I haven't bought anything from them since 2011.

      So a massive GDPR fail too .....

  3. Hans Neeson-Bumpsadese Silver badge

    Bit of an own goal by Zavvi there

  4. Locky Silver badge

    Good news! I've come up with a great way of validating emails in our database...

    1. The Nazz Silver badge


      Also a very clever, but cruel and callous, marketing and promotional ploy. The BBC article also stated that they offered "the winners", all of them, 15% discount off of their next purchase.

  5. Snowy Silver badge

    O'dear yet another one.

    Which rogue engineer did it this time?

    Edit: Well they do say no publicity is bad publicity.

    1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

      Re: O'dear yet another one.

      Whoever it was it wasn't very Zavvi of him.

      1. holmegm Bronze badge

        Re: O'dear yet another one.

        The pun, it burns!

        1. Korev Silver badge

          Re: O'dear yet another one.

          That was Virgin Megastore on awful...

  6. Valeyard

    waiting for 20 years

    when the guy posts it as a "who, me?"

  7. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    Is there anything in their T&Cs that says they can't be held to this?

    1. LordHighFixer

      I would think that they are going to have to either pay or go under to avoid it. Not sure of the legalities where they are located, but a number of nation/states would hold them to it.

      1. noboard

        Thing is, as I never entered the competition I haven't agreed to any T&C's, so pointing to them won't do any good. I guess it all comes down to whether or not the email is a contract.

    2. DavCrav Silver badge

      "Is there anything in their T&Cs that says they can't be held to this?"

      Certainly if you haven't entered the competition, you don't get to claim it, because there's no contract to breach. Saying "have a free car", you say "yes please", and I say "I've changed my mind" is not grounds to sue for breach of contract, because there's no contract.

      1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

        They have, however, offered something. If there were no conditions attached allowing them to withdraw it I'd have thought that that would conclude an agreement. It wouldn't be a contract on account of lack of a consideration. Or maybe it would as these days the value of personal data provided to them might be a consideration in itself.

        1. DavCrav Silver badge

          "If there were no conditions attached allowing them to withdraw it I'd have thought that that would conclude an agreement. "

          Under UK tort law, promising you free stuff does not mean I have to follow through on it. Case law is very settled on this.

          The only exception is with promissory estoppel. If people immediately booked non-refundable flights and accommodation before getting the e-mail saying it was an error, they could claim compensation for actual loss, and at this juncture it might be cheaper for Zavvi to purchase tickets and just hand them over.

          But the claimant needs a 'reasonable' expectation that the promise is also real. If I say I'll give you a million pounds if you are right about some trivia, and then you are, you are not entitled to it. If you quit your job in the expectation of receiving the million pounds, that would be when promissory estoppel would come into play, but in this case unless I were a billionaire and frequently handed out millions on bets, you would not have any reasonable expectation that I would in fact give you a million.

          Usual IANAL applies here. This information is for entertainment purposes only etc.

        2. DavCrav Silver badge

          "Or maybe it would as these days the value of personal data provided to them might be a consideration in itself."

          I didn't notice this bit you slipped in at the end. That's a very good question. I think GDPR would bear on such a question, because it explicitly prevents you from using the data in a way that would give it value, unless the party consents. So if consent for using the data for marketing purposes was not asked for at the time of the competition, then it would be hard to assign a monetary value to that data, as it cannot be used.

          Even then, I believe that a competition like this is classed as either a prize competition or a free draw anyway (depending on what they had to do when entering), and so does not form a standard contract. The message saying that you have won is a 'mistake', clearly, as there should be only one winner, so despite being told you have won, you haven't.

  8. Gordon861

    So tomorrow we will have the person responsible relating the story in the 'On Call' or 'Bootnotes'?

  9. Aladdin Sane Silver badge

    Did you see that ludicrous display last night?

    1. IrishFella

      That's the problem with Arsenal, they just walk it in.

    2. A. Coatsworth
      IT Angle

      Why are you talking football stuff with a football voice??

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "it appears #Zavvi have booked out the entire Wanda Metropolitano Stadium for it’s loyal customers"

    ... not just loyal customers - I got this (I assume it was this as I binned it on basis of message title) and most of my previous emails from Zavvi have been along the lines of "we've not seen you for a long time - how about a 10%-off offer" ... only problem is last time I ordered somthing from them (several years ago) I got a "sorry, this isn't in stock at the moment, we'll get back to you as soon as it comes in again" email followed by, a few weeks later by the inevitable "sorry, we're not able to get this anymore so we are cancelling your order".

  11. TheVogon Silver badge

    I bet quite a few of those Liverpool fans blew the weeks disability allowance before realising it was a mistake!

    1. The Nazz Silver badge

      Some never realise it's a mistake and blow it every week down the boozer.

  12. johnfbw

    Didn't get my email

    Does that mean I won? Anyone want a spare ticket to Madrid?

  13. DJV Silver badge

    It reminds me...

    ...of a time when I was a kiddie in the 1960s and on holiday with parents at some UK coastal holiday resort (time has erased the memory of exactly which one).

    Parents decided to take us all to see the Des O'Connor show on the local pier. On entry everyone was given a copy of the programme (this was back in the days when they didn't cost extra!) and hidden inside the programme was a bingo card. At a point during the show Des said that they were going to try something different for this show and that everyone should pull out their bingo card. As we did so a smiling scantily-clad young lady wheeled on a flash new bicycle, which we assumed would be the prize. Then Des started calling out the numbers and we started crossing off our numbers. We were doing extremely well and had all all the numbers crossed off apart from one. Then Des called out the next number - and it was our missing one!

    So, my entire family jumped up and shouted "House!"

    However, so did everyone else in the audience. Yep, all the bingo cards were (deliberately) the same! Des creased up with laughter for several minutes and then said it was one of the funniest moments he'd ever experienced, especially the initially surprised and perplexed looks on the audience's faces until we'd figured out the joke.

    1. Ian Emery Silver badge

      Re: It reminds me...

      I always said he wasnt funny.

      This proves it.

  14. TrumpSlurp the Troll Silver badge

    Weasel words

    The email said that you had to confirm that you qualified.

    Which rules out everyone who didn't buy something with Mastercard during the qualifying period.

    There must still be some customers who qualified for the draw and who will be justifiably agrieved.

    I just thought it was phishing .

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