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Today, Microsoft's annual developer shindig Build kicks off in Seattle, USA. Ahead of that event, the gang still found time to tinker with Windows, fiddle with API packaging, and celebrate Solitaire. Here's a quick rundown of everything non-Build before we get round to, er, building out our Build coverage. The Windows 10 …

  1. Blockchain commentard Silver badge

    Serious question

    Why does Microsoft give a damn about anti-cheat codes? Most of their user base are probably business users who don't get to play games on their computers. I realise home users are more likely to 'have a go' at new releases but if a 3rd party game doesn't work, is it really Microsoft's problem to fix?

    And rather than just downvoting, why not chip in with an answer?

    1. the Jim bloke Silver badge

      Re: Serious question

      I would be interested to see a breakup of usage, business vs games.

      Gamers are a significant component in PC sales, and probably upgrade more frequently than business users, when your justification can be "because I WANT it!", rather than "will it make more money" (or for the rare enlightened bean counter -"will it avoid losing money")

      Games bring new users into the Microsoft pit, and binds them for an eternity.

      Even though the Get Win X campaign drove me into the arms of penguins, I still have a library of windows only games I would like to be able to re-visit, while very few new titles released for non-windows PCs.

      The rise of non-PC gaming, consoles and mobiles, will dilute the effects - for those who are interested in them, but I find such games generally shallow to the point of being vapid.

      At work I am required to use the microsoft ecosystem - not looking forward to getting transitioned to Win 10 there... maybe I can get sacked first -

  2. asdfasdfasdf2015

    ms sucks at web compat too

    on an older ie, if you go to msn or the ms site all you get is a frowny face emoji, no text, just the frown.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Change, change, change [sic] - Chain of fools

    "Now, far be it for us to call shenanigans, ..."

    Ever gone through a corporate logo change? How instantly did all the old signs and letterheads disappear with replacements? I still have reams of wrong-logoed spare paper for the laser on my home shelves from 2-3 employers ago.

    Edge is replacing one of its 3-chambered hearts with a transplant. This affects the user agent string. Meanwhile scads of other third-party products have lists of who's naughty and who's nice, all that code that strangely was not prepared for Microsoft's latest trick.

    And you choose to point and laugh at one company, rather than acknowledge that this kind of crap happens again and again in our disconnected connected world. Kinda shallow, that.

    Try this - rebrand to "The Volture" (but we're Classics! Geddit?) Mark how long until the last mention of how charged up you must have been. The same shallow jokes, forever. Like here.

    1. WolfFan Silver badge

      Re: Change, change, change [sic] - Chain of fools

      I can see your corporate logo change and raise you. About 20 years ago I had reason to go to the main post office in Kingston, Jamaica to see about a parcel to be cleared from customs. I was given an apparently newly printed, I say again, NEWLY PRINTED, customs form headed in big block capitals 'BRITISH FOREIGN AND COLONIAL POSTAL SERVICE'. More than THIRTY BLOODY YEARS after Jamaica was, ahem, independent. Apparently the Jamaican Government Printing Office couldn't be bothered to change the forms and simply supplied forms with the old logo. For well past 30 years. No, they didn't charge customs duty in line with what prevailed 30 years prior, unfortunately. That had been updated. Perhaps someone at the GPO really wanted Missus Queen back. Those Britons who want to get rid of her, you could do worse than send her on a nice Caribbean vacation and decline to take her back.

  4. Elmer Phud

    "rather than the gaudy effort that appeared with Windows 8, when Microsoft tinkered with the beloved format."

    and people stopped using the now hopeless MS version

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Typical dirty tricks by Google

    They only do evil

  6. SVV Silver badge

    The data is collected from Microsoft Store apps running AdDuplex's SDK

    Erm, MS is getting its' statistics on OS version usage from adware stuffed crap they distribute on their app store? Rather than just the OS itself?

    What next? Are they going to distribute updates via viruses on download and porn sites?

    1. A.P. Veening Silver badge

      Re: The data is collected from Microsoft Store apps running AdDuplex's SDK

      What next? Are they going to distribute updates via viruses on download and porn sites?

      Why not, I expect they will get a higher uptake that way.

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