back to article IE under fire, Triton goes under the microscope, and Norsk Hydro reeling from ransomware attack

As April hits its stride, we saw a week of Wi-Fi bugs, Assange's public eviction and King's College warnings. These things also happened. Need another reason to quit using Internet Explorer? How about this XXE zero-day? Microsoft has all but killed off Internet Explorer, but more than a few PC owners continue to hold out. …

  1. steviebuk Silver badge

    Easier said than done

    "the report should serve as motivation for anyone still using IE to make the switch to Edge (or consider a non-Microsoft browser)."

    When you work for a charity that relies on old apps that only run in IE and don't have the budget to change.

    1. fnusnu

      Re: Easier said than done

      Or still running a Surface RT

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Easier said than done

        Or trying to use various countries .gov websites.

        Chinese Embassy for example, only loads all the menu options, and ALWAYS failed on the last section of appointment applications - unless you are running IE7, 8, or 9.

        And in addition, a couple of those menu options wont load unless you are viewing in Chinese.

        IETab doesnt work in this instance.

        Not tried recently, but you needed IE6 to pay a parking ticket in Tewksbury last time I collected one.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Easier said than done

          Not only China, but a lot of antiquated U.S. Govt websites will still only run on IE.

          1. vtcodger Silver badge

            Re: Easier said than done

            Be patient. That'll change. Sooner or later those IE only sites will be replaced with chrome only sites. That'll be better (for Google).

    2. J27 Bronze badge

      Re: Easier said than done

      Then you're screwed, but it's not like this hasn't been coming a long time and Microsoft is not a charity.

      1. GrapeBunch

        Re: Easier said than done

        Wow. Really? I'm lucky. I haven't run IE for well over a decade, except in those strange instances where Windows interprets some instruction as a request to set up IE. Or set up Windows Media Whatsitsname. I close it immediately, I never set it up. Between Firefox, Opera Beta and Vivaldi, I've been able to access every web site I've wanted to access. In recent years, don't remember even having to shop around between the three. I also have Pale Moon, Sleipnir, and ancient Opera 12, but they act more as toys than work programs. The only MS softwares I run are Windows 7, and Process Explorer. I also removed Chrome several years ago. In researching this answer, I see mentioned that there also exist Chrome-only sites. "Chrome is the new IE 6". Hah! Haven't encountered any of those either. If the World isn't perverse enough, I discovered at least one site dated 2012 which claimed it had a Chrome extension that would help Chrome run IE-only sites. But the site tingled my spidey senses, so I would install that extension only as a last resort. Wheels within wheels.

        There's lots of discussion about how to run IE-only sites on a Mac, but don't know if there's a universal solution to that issue.

        I don't have to access any of the IE-only sites mentioned, so have no workarounds. Sorry!

        Bonne chance, mes amis.

    3. ThadiasVonBasterd

      Re: Easier said than done

      I think we work in the same company..

  2. LDS Silver badge

    Making Edge Windows 10 only was a silly decision.

    Nadella''s girls and boys look utterly unable to manage end-user applications. The decision to make Edge Windows 10 only was utterly stupid. It wasn't a driver to Windows 10 adoption, and let them have to keep on updating two browsers. On top of that, it is now clear that Edge development was wholly mismanaged, and the developers weren't able to create an high-quality one. Now they put their future in Pichai's hands.

    Yet, there was a reason to have installed IE - especially on Windows servers - it got automatically updated through WSUS, something that it's more complex to achieve with Mozilla (it's important to ignore any product made by ad-slinging, data-slurping companies), which moreover is not well integrated with Windows certificate stores and other features.

    Just, as too many applications and devices needs a working browser to be managed, one would have liked to avoid the mess Microsoft inflicted upon its own systems.

    1. J27 Bronze badge

      Re: Making Edge Windows 10 only was a silly decision.

      New Edge on Chromium supports Windows 7, the preview is already out.

      1. LDS Silver badge

        Re: Making Edge Windows 10 only was a silly decision.

        The fact they are now rolling it back is a proof it was a silly decision. And with Windows 7 being EOL in eight months, it's not really a game changer, and probably just a side effect that the Chromium engine simply runs on Windows 7 as Google as no incentive to cut off a nice share of data cows.

        Still, they are now in Google's hand - and it will help to strengthen the grasp Google gained on Internet standards.Ironically, they are helping a competitor to achieve what IE was designed for.

        But a lot of what MS did lately is strangely very Google-friendly.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    IE created about 25 billion-furzillion extra man hours

    The global cost of the man hours created by the designed vendor lock-in problems will be staggering, has anyone estimated it?

    A bit related: I often wonder how much electricity is use during Windows updates each month, and when Windows 7 updates were buggy a year ago, where it took days to complete an update, how much extra electricity for that?

  4. Anonymous Coward

    MacOS IoT malware Inspector and unspecified ransomware attack.

    The solution being to install a Linux distro.

  5. J27 Bronze badge

    I think the next step is to push Chrome Edge to Windows 7. Then they can wash their hands of IE forever.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Running Win 7 without security patches is a very bad idea.

      Windows 10 is another really bad idea, especially if you are under a non-enterprise EULA.

      I am not crazy enough to trust either Apple or Google.

      That pretty much leaves Linux, or one of the BSDs.

  6. Path/Find.r

    I have to use IE to connect to the web interface for a Mitel Telephone PBX. the software refuses every other browser.

    So is that it then soon? If Mitel cant be bothered to update their web apps then I'm sorta screwed when it comes to adding or amending a phone setting ;)

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      So you keep one ancient computer with IE that never gets plugged into a network, or connected to anything except the PBX by a direct cable...

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Procedure for buying and setting up a new computer

    1. Find the right computer - processor, RAM, HDD, (SSD?), etc. Buy it after verifying boot from appropriate USB key.

    2. Image the drive without booting from it. (clonezilla)

    3. Store copies of drive image 'as shipped' in several places, in case needed for warranty service.

    4. Wipe drive and install your favourite Linux (or two), LibreOffice, two or three secure browsers, email client, VPN, anti-malware, email encryption

    5. Test.

    6. Image drive again.

    7. Use computer.

    8. Back up at regular intervals.

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